Why Yacht Charters Beat Cruises!

There are a number of cruise ships that can be found in the world. They provide the best vacation experience to the people who love to spend their quality time at the sea. Cruise ships have a number of benefits and amenities available for their passengers but they come with a lack of privacy. They also have limited options of itineraries for different types of travelers. However, it is a great step to come with yacht charters to abolish all the pitfalls of cruise ships. 

Here are the reasons why you should choose a yacht charter. 

  • Intimacy

As there are a huge number of passengers traveling on cruise ships, it is quite impossible to expect intimacy and exclusivity – on a catamaran charter in Italy you get to call the shots, but on a cruise, you’re stuck with the set itinerary. You can find a bunch of people around all the time. This is the main reason, people who love privacy, need to stay away from cruise ships and should choose yacht charters over them. 

  • Premium Cuisine

Cruise ships are away behind the yacht charters in terms of cuisine. One thing is to keep in mind that these cruise ships have a preplanned list of the cuisine and it is very hard to get different or exclusive food from them. All these things have been prefixed while you are choosing the package. On the other hand, a yacht charter is completely different. They not only provide gourmet cuisines but also quality liquor that will make your time enjoyable. In this regard, it would be truly satisfying to spend time with yacht charters rather than cruise ships.

  • Different Types of Activities 

Vacation is not all about eating or sleeping only but these are all about spending quality time with different activities. However, when you are traveling on cruise ships, the option for water activities is limited. It is also not possible to provide water sports gear to thousands of passengers all the time. Therefore, it is not possible to spend time with your favorite water sports activities. On the other hand, yacht charters come with a number of options that you can choose to spend and enjoy your vacation. Water activities like snorkeling, diving, and other things will be really great when you come with all these things rightly. People who love these water activities should opt for yacht charters rather than these bulky cruise ships.

  • Safety

There are a number of horror stories of disease or infection that have been spreading on cruise ships because it is quite hard to get control over the movement of people on the ship. During this pandemic period where social distance is paramount, everyone is concerned about the crowd. If one of the passengers gets affected, it is possible that all passengers will be affected by the same diseases. Therefore, it is advised to avoid the crowd, and cruise ships won’t let you do that.

Yacht charters, on the other hand, will keep you safe as there will be no danger from the passengers whom you know better. They can also accommodate few passengers as a result; there will be no chance to get affected by the disease that is spreading through the crowd.


However, if you have not sailed before, or you decide that a cruise is a way you want to go – perhaps because of price reasons – you should know that planning for a cruise is much different than planning for other trips. You should know that there are a few things that you shouldn’t do when you are on a cruise. This article contains a list of mistakes that you should avoid when you are booking a cruise.

  1. Booking the Cheapest One

The prices of cruises can be lower or higher and it depends on different factors such as how filled the ship is. However, not booking the cheapest one means you shouldn’t book a cruise solely on the basis of price.

There are other factors impacting the cruise you choose. The price of the cruise is also going to differ from the accommodations it provides. For example, the inside of the cabin is going to be pricier than a cabin with a balcony. So, even though the lower-priced one might be the best bet, you might not be the one for you.

So, check the itinerary of the ship. Find out if it meets your expectations for what you are considering for your vacation. Cruise ships and lines within a cruise line will come with different offers.

  1. Not knowing the Type of Vacation You Like

The prime aspect of cruising is opting for the top cruise. For example, in case you go on a luxurious trip for a couple, you might not like being on a large cruise ship in the busy month of March. Similarly, if you are looking for some action and excitement, you might not like to go on an intimate cruise trip.

So, before you book a cruise, you need to consider the type of vacation you want. Not considering this will make you book the wrong cruise.

  1. Waiting to Book at the Last Minute

If you wait till the last minute, it doesn’t mean it is going to pay off. Most of the time than not, cruise booking is not going to reward you with anything when you wait till the last minute.

A majority of people book their cruise several months before, especially if it is a popular cruise line. So, you need to try booking the cruise you can. If you do so, you might enjoy some additional perks like Best fares, Cabin choice, Bonuses, 8-weeks before the cruise time are perfect. You should not wait any longer. 

  1. Booking an Inside Cabin While Dreaming of a Beautiful View

Booking a cabin is not wrong as many cruisers are happy with it. Nevertheless, there are a few people who think booking an inside cabin has been the biggest mistake. This is because they dreamt of a balcony view and wanted to feel connected to the ocean. So, you are dreaming of something similar, don’t get inside the cabin.

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