Top Reasons for You to Use Stencils on Your Walls Instead of Wallpaper

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When doing up your new home or renovating your existing one, one of the main things on your agenda will be decorating the walls to reflect your personality, create an ambiance that is welcoming and an interesting look. While the obvious choices are wall paint and wallpaper, you can also follow the latest trend of applying stencils to create an exclusive look that will surely stop everyone in their tracks. While everyone is familiar with wallpapers that you can get in a large variety of colors, patterns, visuals, and textures, you can be innovative with stencils that you can use to create a large variety of patterns and effects on your walls. Choosing between wallpaper and stencil for home décor may seem tough unless you know the advantages of stencil art. Take a look at why choosing stencils over wallpaper makes sense:

Lower Prep Time

One of the things mandatory for doing up your room with wallpaper is a squeaky clean wall because, otherwise, the wallpaper will not stick properly and start to peel off in a short time, making the room unsightly. You will have to ensure the surface is clean of all dust and grime and make it smooth by filling in the cracks and holes before applying primer. You also need to ensure that the surface is damp-free. Surface preparation for wall stencils is much easier. Even though it is better if the wall is painted freshly, you can go ahead with your existing one if you so want.

Extended Life

Even though you can use wallpaper and stencil on all wall surfaces in your house, you need to know that wallpaper is not suitable for areas with high humidity like bathrooms and kitchens. Humidity makes the wallpaper peel away from the wall. Stencil on walls is more durable as nothing happens to the paint even if the room has high humidity. As people who have had decorated their homes with stencils will know, they last long without spoiling. Even if there is some damage to the paint, you can easily touch it up to extend its life.


Home décor styles keep on changing rapidly, and if you are one of those keen to keep up with the trends, wallpaper may not be a sensible choice. It is because wallpapers are generally so expensive that you would want to have them for at least five years, if not more, to recoup the cost. Removing wallpaper is also a pain that you need to avoid for as long as you can. According to Forbes, a mural can add a lot of drama to a large wall.


Stencils on walls can be great fun, and you can do up your home in very many interesting ways. It can be great fun to create your patterns using the stencil on your walls, but you need to be good at DIY jobs. The good thing is if you do make mistakes in the application, you can paint the surface over and start all over again with the same stencil. If you are looking for an exclusive look for your walls, there is nothing better than stencils.

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