If you are just starting out in the surfing world, the last thing you want to do is buy the wrong beginner board. Buying the wrong board can lead to days and weeks of months of frustration trying to learn to paddle, pop up and catch a wave.

Instead of spending hours searching the internet and visiting every single surf shop you can come to, just check out and buy our list of the best beginner surfboards on the market and also you can check the cost of a surfboard.

We gather the best surfboards for beginners on the market in a single article. These boards have great buoyancy, shape and materials that are perfect for both adults and children.

What is a beginner surfboard?

Beginner surfboards are designed to provide stability and balance. They are usually very thick and most of the time made with strong epoxy resin or a foam tire. Foam sheets and epoxy sheets are light and easy to paddle in the waves. They are also less damaged than a traditional sheet made of polyester resin.

Adults should use a longer board to start surfing. This is because the extra surface area provides more time and balance to learn to stand up and stand on the wave. Usually boards with wide tails and round noses are used. A thin, pointed board moves very fast, sinks deeper into the water, and it is very difficult to learn to balance.

Kids can learn on smaller boards, but a foam board is still useful because it has added buoyancy. The extra buoyancy means more waves, which means more training time. Foam beginner boards are also safer because they are softer than traditional boards. And the fins are also usually made of soft plastic.

The best surfboards for beginners

Quality and superior shape design make the SBBC Verve 8 ‘a must-have, whether you need to learn to surf or want to mix your quiver. This board can be ridden in small, soft waves or in large, twisted waves. It is incredibly durable and very fun to drive.

The durability comes from first-class building materials. The core of the card is made with closed cell HDPE, which is waterproof, and the smooth bottom is coated with 6 oz resin to prevent dents and scratches.

The fin holes are PVC coated so you do not have to worry about water seeping through the fins. Three stringers will preserve the integrity of this board for years to come. One center string is lined with fiberglass, and the two side strings are marine-grade plywood.

Verve 8 ‘gets some of its high-performance properties from the double concave bottom deck. This allows the board to glide on the water and relax and not sink the rails. The pulled square tail is great for turning, as are the hard rails around the tire. The nose of the board is also a bit narrower, so you will not risk beads forming when you take off.

Classic Wavestorm Classic Wavestorm Deck

Wavestorm is one of the most popular brands of soft top beginner surfboards. You can get them cheaply and they are even better than a used beginner surfboard. The quality is top notch as they use only the best materials. You will have this tablet in your quiver for life.

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The cross-linked upper deck is made of waterproof EPS foam and wrapped in ultra-strong WBS-IXL lightweight resin. The tire has traction, so there is no need for wax. There are also three stringers that will keep the shape of the board no matter the strokes it takes. The smooth bottom is made of smooth high-density polyethylene, perfect for sliding down the wave.


Adam Ali