Who Is Paris Hilton’s Husband Carter Reum?

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He’s an entrepreneur as well as a venture capitalist.

Carter is originally from Chicago, Illinois, where the high school he attended graduated in 1999, before moving to NYC. In addition to the brother in his life, Carter is also a sibling known as Halle who was actually the one to have an influence in bringing Carter and Paris together.

In the year 2016, Reum and his brother co-founded M13. M13’s mission is to “help founders make better decisions and win in their category,” according to the company’s LinkedIn.

What Is Carter Reum’s Net Worth?

The net worth of Carter is thought at between 35 – $40 million according to the Cheat Sheet and the Exact Net worth. Carter and Paris are a powerful couple. The Hilton hotel owner has an estimated value of $300 million due to her many products, deals DJing gigs, and public appearances.

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M13’s impressive list of clients include Lyft, Pinterest, Bonobos, Daily Harvest, Class Pass, Snapchat and more.

Reum along with his twin brother co-founded the company that produces alcohol VEEV Spirits in 2007. They sold their largest stake of the company in.

He was employed by Goldman Sachs.

Reum was previously employed by Goldman Sachs from 2002 to 2006 as an investment banker in the division. Based on his LinkedIn website, some of his clients include Under Armour and Vitamin Water.

His father was an accomplished business executive.

Reum is the child of CEO W. Robert Reum, who served as chairman, president and CEO at Amsted Industries. Forbes estimated the value of Amsted Industries at $4 billion.


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