If The Quality of Writing Is Declining, What Are the Reasons for That?

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Even though the interest in writing generally has been in constant growth during the past several years particularly, something that lacks keeping the same level is the quality of the texts. According to a few experts, some studies have shown a non-neglectable percentage of declining quality of the texts among the students. Better said, they are missing the right proficiency in writing. And if we know that actions like writing a research proposal are only one of plenty of things that students need to do today, perhaps it is time to ask the questions about what should be done about this situation. Opinions can differentiate and it is all normal. However, we can’t look with closed eyes at some facts too. So, if the reasons for declining the quality of writing are truly present, let’s see what could be the reasons for that.

Transcribing Practice of Children

It is fair to say that learning to write comes at a very young age. It is one of the basic activities that humans are taught about while they are still dependent on others. One of the reasons for declining the quality of writing can be found in early ages. Namely, nowadays children are slowly becoming occupied with different activities that are not related to writing in any way. It is natural for them to learn many things, play with toys, paint coloring books, listen to stories from their parents, etc. But the sore truth is that writing hasn’t been represented enough like in the past. Little by little, the situation is more turned to the use of technological devices rather than practice writing. A single way for solving this issue is to teach kids to practice transcribing. What can go to their advantage is the fact that they are able to practice both methods, typing, and writing. So, if they have an explicit desire and are old enough to use technological devices and their features, they can practice it on their PC, laptop, or phone. The point is that they should be more focused and oriented towards practicing transcribing in general. It will help them better understand the sentences and the use of words. Plus, they will improve their vocabulary at early stages which is always a positive thing.

Focusing On Sentences Instead of Paragraphs

Something that affects the quality of writing is the methods that people use while practicing it. Usually, students will write a whole text divided into paragraphs. This is not anything wrong, however, the problem occurs when experts and teachers realize that they are keeping their attention more on paragraph buildings instead of sentences themselves. This way, the structure of the text will be correct but the quality will be lacking in piles. And this is what educational institutions should work with students on. Professors, especially ones whose expertise is languages, must warn them to keep an eye on the sentences one by one. They are like bricks in the wall, if one collides, all others will follow it. So, focusing on sentences must be the priority instead of just accumulating paragraphs without proper purpose. 

What About the Feedbacks?

Feedbacks are something very appreciable in the writing world. Comments of other people, both positive and negative ones, can highly affect students’ motivation and boost their mood. First of all, they must realize that no comment should distract them from writing. Critiques are even often better than praise. This is the case because students can understand their mistakes and what things they have done wrong. Learning through their own errors can only make them better eventually. If you don’t have someone to provide you with feedback, you can search for a free paper grader online. There are plenty of them designed specifically to rate someone’s written samples. You can submit your work and wait for others to review it and leave their honest feedback. If students don’t possess enough feedback for their works, motivation will be completely lost by time. Simply, if there is no one to say critiques or applaud to something you do, questions about the purpose of your writing will begin to wander through your heads. With this example, we can see how important feedback can be for writing occupations.

The Expression Freedom

Writing is an activity that allows people to express their emotions and the way they are thinking about a particular topic. Sometimes, paper is a tool whose purpose is to listen to all of the peoples’ thoughts and accept them without asking why. What is so brilliant about it is the freedom of speech and the use of expressions that truly shapes authors’ personality. While you write, the most significant thing is that you shouldn’t worry about what others think about you as a person. The only thing that matters is the text you have put on the paper. This way, people avoid being judged which is a common problem in the modern world. Yes, others can leave comments and say their opinions, but it is far different from the situation when students, for example, have to pick the words they will say to their teachers. Therefore, to prevent further declining the quality of the texts, students must have an opportunity to write freely. If you are a student, what would you be thinking if an educator evaluates your work according to the number of grammatical or punctuation errors? The feeling is far from great, right? Well, that’s the point. Freewriting is something that students must practice without looking back, only forward.

Social Media Impact

One of the main reasons why writing is declining is because of the social media impact. Practically, every living person that has access to the Internet connection has created a profile on platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc. That’s the influence of modern technology and a trend that is represented vastly in the 21st century. But it has its negative side too. Students are more focused on social media and scrolling through them instead of learning about truly valuable things. They read a lot of information that has no cover, purpose, or sense. Reading should be a leisure activity. So, you should be reading books from real authors and expanding your knowledge about writing. There will be enough time to have fun, that’s for sure!

The Use of Shortcuts

Nowadays, almost all the students use abbreviations for some phrases or words while communicating with each other. It is just a consequence of the time they are living at. Many slangs and expressions that seem hard to understand are frequently visible among student communities. It may sound cool but the majority of them probably can’t realize that these expressions are pushing them against writing. It is a global problem of a modern age that can hardly be solved. It has expanded too much in a short amount of time. It means that many youngsters have accepted this way of communication. Conveying information in this way is something that affects the quality of writing badly. And it is only one at the sea of causes why the quality is degrading currently. If you want to put a stop to it, try to express it normally without using specific symbols or shortcuts. It is as simple as that.


We tried to bring to light some of the reasons why the quality of writing could be declining. Younger populations are adapting to modern trends which can be bad for the writing industry, at least for its quality. Hopefully, we will manage to raise the awareness of what can cause the drop-in quality writing and some students may accept our pieces of advice in order to become better writers. 

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