Optimizing Remote Business Operations with Salesforce SMS App

One of the things that got highlighted the most in the current global pandemic situation apart from healthcare is communication and connectivity. With remote working becoming the new norm for every business, establishing effective communication and keeping everyone on the same business page became tricky. It only made us realize that technology isn’t as easy as everyone claims it to be. Although there are many messaging apps available, manual texting doesn’t sound reasonable when you need to text over a hundred people (or even fifty for that matter). Plus, there are chances of errors and sharing irrelevant texts. This brought the Salesforce SMS App in a whole new light. To be honest, bulk text messaging is not a recent development. It has been used in emails for quite some time. However, the game-changing aspect here is the personalized part of messaging. Emails are one such thing that people use only during their work hours. Texts allow more penetration, better reach, and quicker response. Here’s what you need to know more about it:

Benefits of incorporating salesforce SMS app

Better productivity

The most significant advantage of incorporating the Salesforce SMS app is achieving higher process efficiency leading to better workforce productivity. What could have taken hours now can be done within a few minutes. The best part about this tool is that it allows you to manage customer relationships easily. By automating inbound messaging with the Salesforce SMS app, you can enhance efficiency while saving time for other crucial business tasks.

Real-time communication

The Salesforce SMS app helps in establishing real-time communication via omnichannel connectivity. Apart from the phone calls, emails, and other intranet alerts, the integration of text messaging into salesforce is a vital communication tool that fills the gap between businesses and their stakeholders. The phone is one thing that everyone uses both during and after desk hours. This way, companies via text alerts can assist their customers and communicate with their employees anytime, anywhere. This way, a business expands its channels of effective communication. Future Strategy suggests using this method for making your company’s internal communication more effective. 


One of the caveats in customer service and technical support is the non-human nature of assistance. Although chatbots are time-saving and resolve queries quickly, the absence of humanized responses can make customers lose interest, thus, adding to lower retention. Personalization is the demand of today’s economy.  Salesforce SMS app overcomes this issue by personalizing responses in the most personal way possible, i.e., texts.  Businesses can even create targeted messages based on demographics and other customer data to better relationships.

Saving time

Direct text communication shortens the response time and improves precision. Unlike lengthy bulk emails, texts are more likely to be opened and read due to texts’ shorter length and crisp nature. The batch texting feature allows marketers and administrators to automate triggered text messages in bulk along with responses.  

Well, for the proper integration, you can look for the companies offering such service at an affordable price. Make sure you hire an experienced and reliable company for your business. 


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Adam Ali