Ben Friedman and Rykka Care Centres: Long-Term Care Investment Rooted in Family Tradition

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The Early Years

Ben Friedman, now a resident and real estate entrepreneur in Ontario, Canada, grew up in Los Angeles, California, in the United States.

Ben Friedman’s father and grandfather ran a nursing home in the Los Angeles area when he was only a boy. Friedman’s father was an administrator and held a very close bond with his son early in his life that came directly from their time spent together in their family’s long-term care facility.  

Friedman’s father sadly died at a very young age, and his grandfather couldn’t run the long-term care facility without his son as a partner. While Friedman might have wanted nothing more than to step into his father’s place and act as a partner to his grandfather, running the long-term care facility alongside him, he was not yet old enough to take on that kind of responsibility. His grandfather eventually had to sell the nursing home.  

Recreating a Friedman Family Tradition in Ontario

Ben Friedman always knew that he wanted to carry on his father’s legacy. He knew he would find a way to honour his father at some point in his life. Carrying on the tradition is exactly why long-term care facility ownership was always at the forefront of Rykka Care Centre’s mission. 

Ben Friedman, now living in Ontario, Canada, with his wife, Phyllis, started Rykka Care Centre almost 12 years ago. As a tribute to the legacy of his family’s work through the generations with long-term care facilities, Friedman honoured the family tradition and named the business after his daughter, Rykka.

Rykka Care Centre and More

The company owns and operates multiple long-term care facilities in Ontario, Canada. Eatonville Care Centre in Toronto, Hawthorne Place Care Centre in Etobicoke, and Anson Place Care Centre in Hagersville are three long-term care facilities under the Rykka Care Centre umbrella. For many years, all three homes have been beautifully, quietly, and successfully managed by Ben Friedman and Rykka’s partner, Responsive Management Inc., a unit of Responsive Group Inc.

Ben Friedman, Rykka Care Centres, and the Pandemic

Until the pandemic put Anson, Eaton, and Hawthorne in the media spotlight and in front of all Canadians, Ben Friedman and Rykka Care Centres, with the assistance of Responsive Management Inc., were quietly and very successfully caring for their long-term care patients with the utmost focus and individual attention. 

All Rykka’s nursing homes continued to administer a high level of care to every single [BP7] long-term care patient during the pandemic. Supported by the Canadian Armed Forces, reports from the Ontario government showed that every patient in the care facilities owned by Rykka Management continued to receive the level of care they had before the quick spread of the COVID-19 virus. Though many unfortunate fatalities occurred within these homes, all were due to the unreasonably rapid spread of the coronavirus and the government’s slow action when first combating it.

The CAF report originally filed about the Hawthorne facility specifically triggered a 21-day inspection by the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care. After a thorough investigation of Hawthorne’s facilities and patient records, the Ministry concluded that no residents died from lack of care, which was the cause of death originally and unsubstantially reported. The Ministry, after careful investigation, rejected the ideas put forth in the original report.

Ben Friedman and Rykka Care Centres have zero tolerance for any conduct that puts the safety of their residents at risk and continue to operate with that at the forefront throughout the pandemic.

In response to the challenging chapter experienced by Ben Friedman and Rykka Care Centres facilities, the Ontario government thought it only right to provide new investments to the long-term care sector. This investment stands to do wonders and vastly improve overall senior care in Ontario.

Ben Friedman’s Other Professional Adventures

Ben Friedman is also a managing partner of a multi-residential real estate development business, Ranee Management Group.

Ranee Management owns, develops, and operates properties in and around the city of Toronto. The first-rate real estate business is a family-owned business that began more than 65 years ago. The prolific Canadian real estate developers pride themselves on maintaining top-notch residential locations, prepared at affordable prices for all tenants. They are dedicated to improving their properties continuously as well. 

Ranee Management oversees several properties. They offer a variety of floor plans in both apartment buildings and townhomes. Among the residents of the buildings are young professionals, couples, families, immigrants, students, and seniors. Through constant property improvement, the company strives to provide residents with quality living solutions. Continuous reinvestment and improvement in all Ranee properties are a given fact in order to offer modern finishes, enhanced security, and green features. 

Ranee Management endeavors in numerous philanthropic efforts each year and is consistently committed to supporting the community. 

Ben Friedman Honours His Family’s Legacy

Ben Friedman is a family man who believes in carrying long-standing traditions forward for his family and does that every day through his success with Rykka Care Centres and Ranee Management. There is no doubt that Ben Friedman’s father would be beyond proud of his son’s career as a self-made long-term care facility proprietor honouring his father and grandfather’s legacy every single day he goes to work.






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