8 Ideas to Make Someone’s Birthday Special

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Earth has gone around the sun once again and it is your best and special person’s happy birthday, and I’ve put together some fun, and reasonable ideas to help you celebrate someone’s birthday.

Are you willing to step up your game this year? I am sure you would say yes, there are many ways to make someone’s birthday special like by sending happy birthday wishes and messages to your loved ones, following my happy birthdays. This idea is good but it must be real and something more meaningful.

Therefore, here are the top 8 best ideas that you can choose and make someone’s birthday special on their special day.

1. Make the Person a Birthday Breakfast

Getting up to breakfast in bed, or walking into the kitchen in order to find their favorite breakfast will surely make the birthday boy or girl feel extra special.

You have to just think about their favorite breakfast choice. Does he/she like eggs, muffins, or pancakes? As your ultimate goal is to surprise them with their favorite foods.

  • First, you have to wake up early, make their favorite breakfast, and put it where they generally sit for breakfast or even you can it into their bedroom and get them up with an equipped tray of their favorite foods
  • You can place a small note wishing them a personalized happy birthday with that tray.
  • These ideas can be great for parents, children, roommates, spouses, and siblings.
  1. Hidden Messages

    Perhaps, this is not a general place to send wonderful messages in a bottle, but you can still consider including a little secret in your birthday surprise like-
  • Simple, inflate a balloon and make sure to keep it sealed with a chip clip or hold on tight.
  • Using a marker but acid-free markers work best. Write down your sweet birthday message.
  • Now, delate the balloon, keep it in an envelope, and send it on its way.
  • Wait with jubilance. When your recipient inflates the balloon, she/he will be greeted with a special surprise.


  1. Make Someone’s Birthday in a Can

    Reuse a tin can to make a very special surprise for your close ones. All you have to do is fill the can with streamers, small gifts, and candy that the person will like and make him/her smile. All you need is some tape, a can opener, and a hot glue gun.
  • Simply, use the can opener to open up the bottom of the can. Remove the label and food, and completely clean the can well.
  • Cover the sharp edges on the can & the top with masking tape, washi tape, and clear tape.
  • Make hot glue and a few paper chains to the inside of the pop-top. It will help the paper chain come out as soon as the person pops at the top of the can. Now, fill the can with treats, candy, and small gifts.
  • Now, replace the bottom of the can in order to secure it with clear tape. Fit the outside of the can with a paper you can decorate.
  • Add sequins, ribbon, or any other accents to the paper.


  1. Letter Parade

    This is another great way to surprise your special someone is to collect notes or letters from a person’s close friends and family or maybe even old roommate friends whom they haven’t seen for years.

These notes can be general song lyrics, inside jokes, memories, well wishes, or whatever the person wants to share with you.
For this, you have to require a little coordination, but it’s worth it and is certain to be remembered after a long time.

  • Simply, put the notes in envelopes to open, or place them in a notebook or scrapbook for them to look through.
  • Now, put the notes on post-its. Stick the post-its on the door, wall, in his/her car, or around his/her workspace.


  1. Pay It Forward

    Do some random act of kindness or make a donation with the birthday person in mind. If your birthday girl or boy loves animals, take some towels, toys, or food to your local shelter, and if they love nature, make a donation to green peacein her honor.

Even you can do some acts of kindness, as such surprise notes of affirmation & encouragement are the excellent and best way to share the love. Mention to your friend you are sprinkling the world with generosity to celebrate their special day and auspicious day.

  1. Say Cheese Your Loved One

    Take a snapshot and have it printed like Plywerk. Your dear ones are going to be excited to have a tangible picture, especially if you would include a smiling mug in it.

    If you are not able to find a pic of you and the birthday person together, don’t worry, snap a pic of a beautiful flower or meaningful place and have that printed rather. This birthday gift will surely bring a big smile all year round as a bonus.
  2. Surprise Him or Her with a Picnic

    You can set up a picnic at a park or infield, or at the end of a hike. Decorate the place with Chinese lanterns or balloons, but as you are outside, you can keep the decoration the least. Just pack a basket, spread a blanket full of his/her favorite foods.

    Even you choose another way to surprise your loved ones is to take a walk, go on a hike, or just go for a nice ride. Simply, take your loved ones to the same place where you have the picnic set up, and make sure to keep it a surprise unless and until you just happen upon the balloons, basket, and blanket.
  3. Organize A Surprise Dinner Party

    This is another great way to host a surprise dinner, instead of a surprise party Take your special one out to dinner and or organize dinner at your house if you don’t go outside.

    Even you can bring some beautiful gifts for the guests and wish them saying happy birthday dear.

    You can also organize the dinner as a potluck with every guest bringing a delicious dish, they prepared the birthday boy/girl

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