why hoodies are better than jackets

 Hoodies are more comfortable than jackets.

Hoodies are more comfortable because they are slightly looser than jackets, and tend to be roomier in the chest area. Also, hoodies don’t have sleeves that constrict your wrists as jackets do sometimes. If all else fails, you can take off your officialchromehearts hoodie when it is too hot whereas you cannot remove your jacket as easily (although once the jacket is off, it is more difficult to put back on). Hoodies block the wind better than jackets Jackets typically do not have a hood with them like hoodies do, and therefore cannot shield your head from the wind and flying debris. The wind blows below your waist, into your legs and shorts. If you wear a jacket instead of a hoodie, the wind that should blow over your head will hit your shorts and knock your body around. 

Jackets don’t keep you as warm as a hoodie would

When you wear a jacket, your body has to work harder in order to keep you warm. There are not as many layers to insulate the cold air from surrounding you. Jackets have one layer of cloth to block the wind and cold whereas a hoodie has two: an outer shell and an inner lining. This double barrier helps keep the cold air from touching your skin. Also, jackets leave a lot of surface area exposed to the wind, whereas a hoodie has many other surfaces to block the wind.Jackets cannot be worn in nearly as many circumstances as a hoodie can. Jackets lack pockets and therefore carry little to no items with them. Jackets are also typically longer and end at the waist or hips, whereas a hoodie ends at the waist allowing your core to stay warm without having a jacket on top of you. A jacket is really only useful for cold nights because it has no insulation and cannot be worn during hot weather.

 Jackets cost more money than hoodies, which is why they’re not quite as practical for everyday use.

A hoodie usually costs much less than a jacket. Since the average American follows the ABC rule, which is ‘Always Be Clothing,’ or buying new clothes as soon as you have any money to your name, many people go for the hoodie over the jacket because it’s cheaper and they need a warm layer to wear every day. This leaves less money left over to spend on other things, such as food. Playboicartishop Hoodies leave no room for spontaneity; if you ever want to wear a hoodie, it needs to be washed and dried before use. Jackets allow people the ability to wear them even without washing them first. Also, jackets cannot be worn nearly as much as a hood has many more surfaces to block the wind. Jackets lack pockets and therefore carry little to no items with them.

Hoodies are way cooler than jackets.

Hoodies provide you with more style than jackets do. Jackets are not as easily matched with shirts and pants, whereas hoodies can be paired with nearly anything in your wardrobe. Jackets also lack pockets and therefore carry little to no items with them. Jackets can leave scars on your back when zipped all the way up because of the harsh fabric rubbing against your back. Jackets have no ties to the hip area and this causes them to slide up and down your torso as you move, whereas a hoodie stays in one place because it is attached around your waist. Also, jackets lack style compared to a hoodie. I’m not talking about that itchy, awkward thing your mom makes you wear whenever you leave the house. I’ll be focusing on the “hooded sweatshirt” type of hoodies. The main reason hoodies are better than jackets is because they’re very easy to make a raw, urban look. Think about it: if you want to be edgy, all you have to do is wear a good leather jacket and some skinny jeans with your favorite pair of Tims. But what happens when the sun decides to stop hating on us for a day? You’re left looking like a complete tool riding around in broad daylight.