What is the Difference between the PCB Assembly of AiPCBA and Others?

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There is always a vast distinction between PCB assemblies manufactured by AiPCBA and others in the same field worldwide. Firstly, it has a definite edge in state-of-the-art technology, and the second is the company’s unique, highly-skilled, and experienced workforce. It provides to its huge clientele base across several continents industrial grade high-quality PCB and sources them globally so that no clients are ever disappointed about parts and accessories. Some of the most difficult to find the company easily sources parts from various official and authentic sites. 

Both manual and automatic visual inspections of each part of the PCB and X-rays are used to ascertain any anomalies. Generally, the company provides one of the fastest online quotes, and clients need to upload their Gerber, BOM, and then place their files and choose the quantities they want. All quotes, including bom quote, are sent within minutes by the automated system of the company. You may click here for more information and upload your PCB requirements. 

Analysis of PCB Specifications and Advanced PCBs

The aipcba offers one of the best services available in the industry compared to the rest of the competitors. It stands as a guarantee to the procurement of parts, and customers can rely on the company for any accessories that are difficult to find. It is due to their AI system that is synchronized with various purchasing channels globally that helps it to identify the latest stock position and prices. It has a unique advantage for informing clients about the stoppage of production in any of the parts and short supply of others very speedily. 

It is not just PCB specification of 1 to 6 layers standard FR4 PCB boards that clients can rely upon, but the company can deliver high-end advanced PCB such as HDI boards from level one to level three. Again, it can be from 6 to 40 layers and even more. Clients can expect customized offers like Minimum Mechanical Hole size of 0.15 mm, Laser Hole size 0.1 mm, IPC Class 2, IPC Class 3, Automotive Standard, and any other standards placed by clients can be met completed here. In short, the entire pcb assembly is carried out to ensure Industrial Grade Quality of the highest level that you would ever receive from other competitors. 

Strict Confidentiality Rules for PCB Fabrication

The whole process of pcba manufacturing is carried out in strict confidence such that clients can entrust any projects to AiPCBA without the fear of leaks and pilferage of the schematic design process. The schematic process is the logical way for the electronic circuitry of the PCB to be built, and each client has a unique model. 

If the clients wish, they can sign a separate confidentiality agreement before starting bulk production of the pcba boards. The company has seven sample production facilities, including five SMT sample lines and two DIP sample lines with a fleet of highly sophisticated machines. These machines help when selectively working on Wave Soldering, Laser Steel Mesh workshop, Reflow Oven, X-Ray Inspection system, SMT Smart line, Station SMT BGA/QFN, Automatic Visual Inspection, and intelligent warehouse system. 


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