The Areas of Your Business You Need External Help With

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Companies are now leaning towards the idea and goal of slashing operational and labor costs while maximizing efficiency, productivity, and work-life balance. Outsourcing helps companies acquire diverse talents that would contribute to the betterment of the business. But as per the general rule of thumb, balance is the key.

For example, you are running an e-commerce business, struggling to be efficient with product distribution. If this is the case, you need to hire a logistic service provider to help you attain same-day deliveries and ensure a faster e-commercereturns process

Knowing which key roles you should outsource for your company is perhaps one of the most strategic questions for any business, whether a start-up or an SME. Outsourcing services can result in more considerable cost savings, which means more return on investment (ROI).

Answering this question would then depend on the status of your company, the stage of revenue, the growth of opportunities, and the current talents you have as a team. Depending on the nature of businesses, operational and labor costs can vary from hundreds of thousands to even millions. Hence, here comes the option of outsourcing the roles you need.

Technically, there is not a role that cannot be outsourced to another entity that would support your operations, but here are five (5) key areas of your business to outsource.

  1. Human Resources (HR) 

Human resources plays a significant role in business operations, from managing office space rentals, administrative support, office supplies, and office equipment to finding, hiring, and assisting employees. Although this major pillar is generally an in-house role, it is becoming accepted as outsourced. This role is crucial for any start-up or SME, and if not executed properly, it can be the reason the business fails to be self-sustaining.

  1. Personal Assistants

Everything is in the cloud today. Turn the personal assistance to virtual assistance when you offshore virtual assistants. The truth is this role needs a single-minded focus to work admirably and efficiently. In-house personal assistants (PAs) are much more prone to multitasking activities than virtual assistants (VAs), who can handle just about everything from phone calls, emails, schedules, and priorities. It allows companies to focus on what’s more important for their business while lowering labor costs.

  1. Bookkeepers

Bookkeeping is already a standard service to outsource or offshore. Financial support and bookkeeping services are relatively intricate yet straightforward tasks. It saves you the costs of hiring a full-time accountant. However, the volume of financial activities you need for your business should determine the remote staffing solution for this one. Whether you need a payroll officer, an accounting specialist, or tax personnel depends on your business needs.

  1. Web Programmers and Designers

For larger companies, web programming and maintenance could be highly intensive for the resources. That is exactly why many companies outsource web designers and web developers.

Creating and working with a website is akin to building a skyscraper. At first, you ought to have an excellent architectural design, a robust framework, and a foundation. Finally, you have the facade and internal beautification. Once the skyscraper stands tall and is majestically looking down on everything else, you only retain people to maintain it. Once your e-commerce website is launched, there is no reason to have full-time programmers and designers attend to it.

  1. Writers and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Specialists

Back in the time when it was only traditional marketing and the print industry, writers were revered. Many companies give their writers a lifetime career, but since the advent of technology came, advertising and marketing evolved. Many companies took the liberty to hire freelancers to write for them.

However, not many prefer the idea of freelancers, not just writers but in general. Outsourcing SEO services and content writers may not strike some as of a paramount need for some companies, but as aforementioned, the market too has changed along with the medium. Newspapers turned to smartphones, and flyers became email marketing material, even writing expertise and practice. Only one thing remained in marketing, though, and that is words make money.

Final Words

When properly outsourced and executed, these five decisive areas of your business will launch your company to new heights. So why stop at five areas? There are always business operation areas that you could outsource. As long as you have the right and reliable people, you are good to go.

Successful organizations are always focused on their core strengths and how to improve them. Remember that your success is determined by where your company is at today. Keep in mind that even the largest companies benefit from outsourcing the services they need help with.

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