Who is Agrie Ahmad Aka Bartmann?

Social media is a harbor for aspiring socialites trying to paint the town red, with photographers, designers, and artists strategically resorting to the social media platform for a bit of fame and grandeur. It’s a great path, and many well-deserved individuals have emerged thanks to that. But, on the contrary, some individuals are more than that. The individuals who started not for fame or the game, but their passion for something. The love that drove them to work hard. The power that lets you cross the barrier of stinginess and makes you understand the bigger picture of life, spreading love, happiness, and smiles. Ladies and gentlemen, here’s the story of one such man.

Meet Ahmad Agrie aka Bartmann.

The famous YouTuber, self-taught stylist and a fantastic human being was born and raised in Mannheim, Germany, back in 1986. Agrie grew up like any other child, or more precisely without a scissor and a blow dryer in his hand. But, they say there comes a time in a man’s life when he transforms from a child to a man. For Agrie, it came at the ripe age of twenty-two.

Passion for beards

Agrie started working on his beard at that time. However, a train wreck of facts halted him right then and there. The inevitable truth is that a perfect beard does not just land on your face. But, just like anything else, it requires care and hard work. So he started working on himself and not just his beard. Initially, it started with just his beard and looks, but this helped him find himself as a man. The person he wanted to be. The person he is now and aims to maintain in the future.

Career Choice

It took him quite a lot of work to end up with a fantastic beard and his overall attitude towards life. He studied business and management but changed routes later on and graduated with a science degree. Nonetheless, that didn’t go a long way either, as his passion lay in something else. Agrie Ahmad started his youtube channel and posted videos of himself and his grooming techniques and now has a whopping 570k subscribers on there.

What does Bartmann aim for?

So, when Agrie started working on himself, he also felt the need to give others a chance to groom themselves. He believed that it’s the right of everyone to feel good about themselves; everyone should have the opportunity to groom or style themselves. Looks may not be everything, but good looks never hurt. It is not mere looks he’s going for; it’s grooming the men to look at a better version of themselves and change their attitude towards themselves and life.

A Flagbearer for Male Grooming

It takes effort to stick to a cause. Agrie may not be the torchbearer for all the men out there to find a better version of themselves, but he is the flagbearer of that approach. With hundreds of videos and thousands of views, the bearded man has not only been helping individuals in his shop and the streets of Mannheim but also all around the world through his youtube channel.

Usman Sabir