Is Going for LASIK Eye Surgery a Good or Bad Idea

Table of Contents

  • How Is The Lasik Surgery Sector In India?
  • What Is Lasik?
  • What Are The Pros And Cons Of Getting Lasik?
  • Why Should I Trust Lasik Surgery?
  • A Brief History Of The Lasik Surgery
  • Am I A Good Candidate For Lasik?
  • Is Going For Lasik Surgery A Good Idea Overall?

A lot of people these days are opting to forego wearing glasses. Instead, people are opting to go and get LASIK surgery. Keeping up with glasses is a hassle! Making the switch to lenses is no better. The hassle of keeping up with the expiry dates of certain lenses is sure to drive anyone crazy. If you find yourself relating to these problems you might want to consider looking into LASIK surgery for yourself!

How Is The Lasik Surgery Sector In India?

One of the most popular places in India to get LASIK in India is in Delhi. LASIK surgery in Delhi is a very popular procedure. With more than a hundred doctors offering this procedure as a specialty. People from all around India come to get their LASIK done in Delhi.

What Is Lasik?

The full form of LASIK is laser-assisted in-situ keratomileusis. LASIK uses high-powered lasers to operate on the eye. First, the doctor cuts off the upper layer of the cornea. And then uses lasers to help shave the inner layer of the cornea to the appropriate shape. LASIK surgery is a fairly simple procedure that takes barely an hour to perform.

The shaping of the cornea helps compensate for the irregular shape of the eyeball. Most doctors will suggest you get this surgery in your mid-twenties. The body has stopped growing by one’s mid-twenties. However, the effects of LASIK are permanent. This means that you wouldn’t have to start groping for your glasses first thing in the morning anymore.

The best part of getting LASIK is that you can now participate in activities that were out of bounds before. After LASIK you won’t ever have to worry about how long you have been wearing lenses. The benefits of LASIK are endless.

What Are The Pros And Cons Of Getting Lasik?

Of course like every surgery there are some pros and cons to LASIK.

Let us first talk about the advantages of LASIK.

  1. First of all, the procedure is very affordable in India.
  2. In Delhi especially, you can get the procedure done for less than a lakh rupees.
  3. And then there’s also the fact that you most probably won’t have to get the procedure again.
  4. LASIK surgery also has a high level of satisfaction rate.
  5. Almost 94 percent of all patients love the results of LASIK.
  6. LASIK also gives people with very high glass powers a bit of reprieve.
  7. LASIK also has the shortest downtime of any known surgeries.
  8. Doctors say that you could go back to working on your phone or laptop in as early as two days.
  9. The long-term effects of LASIK are also milder compared to other forms of eye surgery.

Now let us talk about some of the cons of LASIK surgery.

  1. After LASIK, most probably you will go through some side effects. However, the side effects are usually mild and can be resolved within a day or two.
  2. The most common of them are dry eyes, light sensitivity, and mild headaches. Doctors suggest that you rest your eyes for at least 24 hours post-op. But you can start working within the next two days!
  3. A lot of these symptoms are temporary.

Why Should I Trust Lasik Surgery?

Of course, LASIK surgery deals with the surgery of a very delicate organ in our body. Our eyes. Some would say it is the most sensitive and complicated part of our body.

However, it helps to keep in mind that the eyes are the most resilient part of our body. It also has some of the fastest healing rates of all of our body parts.

Moreover, LASIK surgery is one of the most regulated and well-researched surgeries in the world.

The history of LASIK predates the invention of computer modems!

A Brief History Of The Lasik Surgery

  • In 1948, a Spanish eye doctor wanted to see if there was any way he could improve his patient’s vision without glasses.

He used a surgical scalpel to shave off a tiny portion of the patient’s eye. And lo and behold, the first draft of the modern LASIK surgery has been put in place!

Eventually, he graduated to using a microkeratome to perform his subsequent surgeries!

(A microkeratome is a surgical device that can shave off small portions of a tissue!)

  • Let us fast forward to the 1980s. This time in Russia; an eye doctor invented the radial keratotomy technique. This technique paves the way for modern LASIK principles. The Radial Keratotomy technique initially only corrected nearsightedness. And even back then, patients reported an improvement in their vision within the first six months.

Improvement in vision stayed for up to ten years following the procedure!

  • Finally, in 1998 the FDA approved the first-ever LASIK surgery. Following FDA’s approval for the first LASIK surgery, the technology improved by leaps and bounds.

The first FDA-approved LASIK surgery used blades. A process called Microkeratome. However, soon after the modern form of LASIK was born. The modern form of LASIK uses the laser to open up the corneal flap and perform the surgery.

As you can see, the history behind LASIK is long, tried, and tested. This is why you can trust LASIK surgery to help you regain perfect vision and ditch those boring glasses!

Am I A Good Candidate For Lasik?

As is the case with almost all surgeries, LASIK imposes some restrictions on certain people.

As we discussed earlier, patients below the age of 18 are highly discouraged from getting LASIK surgery. However, this is not as much as a health risk.

Let us take a look at some other health problems that might require you to sit out your LASIK procedure.

  • Certain Autoimmune disorders can disqualify you from getting the LASIK procedure.
  • Congenital dry eyes.
  • Pregnancy or certain hormonal changes caused by medication.
  • Recent trauma to the eye. This is most common with athletes and people working in certain professional fields.
  • Eye infection, eye muscle disorders, glaucoma, or eye herpes.

Please note that it is always a good idea to check with your eye doctor before making any health decisions.

Is Going For Lasik Surgery A Good Idea Overall?

If LASIK is something you are considering, then most probably you have glasses or lenses. Bad vision affects the quality of life. Having to keep up with glasses and lenses all the time is hard. And in this modern lifestyle, glasses pose an unnecessary inconvenience. The best way to deal with this problem is to get rid of glasses.

LASIK surgery will give you that new lease on life! Furthermore, LASIK surgery has very little downtime. So it makes total sense to take two days off of work to get the surgery done and then spend the rest of your life with perfect vision.

Therefore, we give LASIK surgery a full bill of confidence. It is a surgery that will drastically improve your quality of life. On top of that, the downside is almost non-existent.

Moreover, LASIK surgery cost in India has dropped drastically over the last few years, thanks to a growing demand for the procedure and advancement in LASIK technology. Therefore, you should take the plunge and get your LASIK appointment today!

Usman Sabir