Brew the Right Things: Pro Coffee Packaging Advice for You

There is usually a defined space on coffee packaging on which you can feature what your coffee is about and why it is remarkable. Limited real estate means you have to make the most out of your coffee bag and ensure that all the information you include is valuable to your brand and its customers.

This space needs to entice consumers to buy your coffee. Whether it be promoting your coffee’s health benefits, detailing the properties of the coffee beans, or giving directions on how to brew the coffee properly, you should make it all count.

If you are looking to improve your branding with your coffee packaging, read on to discover some meaningful ways to approach your custom coffee bags.

Authenticity, Traceability, and Transparency

Authenticity, traceability, and transparency in the coffee business have become essential than ever as the number of specialty coffee customers continues to rise.

The 3rd wave coffee culture emphasizes the rich origins of coffee, implying that it is no longer sufficient for coffee to merely taste excellent. Additionally, consumers want to know about the coffee’s “backstory,” like where it was produced and how it was roasted.

Descriptions on coffee packaging give a fantastic chance for roasters to communicate this information to the consumer in a straightforward and engaging manner.

While providing authenticity on coffee packaging is certainly vital, studies show that more openness and provenance throughout the coffee supply chain as a whole contributes to improved confidence, trust, and integrity throughout the industry. This approach applies to both single-origin and blended coffees.

According to most consumers in this study, acknowledging those who took part in the production process is essential. This includes the farm’s name where the coffee was grown and the cooperative society that was involved. It aids in the representation of the brand and gives better transparency to the consumer. Specialty coffee roasters should also indicate the blend name, the farm or country of origin, and the roast date.

Balancing Sustainability with Utility

In both the premium coffee and packaging sectors, sustainability has become an important subject. The United Nations estimated in 2018 that by 2050, the world would be home to 12 billion tonnes of plastic garbage if consumption and waste management do not improve.

While using biodegradable materials like kraft paper and PLA is a great way to show that you care about the environment, these materials aren’t necessarily the greatest for maintaining freshness. Roasters may choose LDPE, aluminum foil lining, or metalized film. However, these particular materials do not provide the same benefits in sustainability as bioplastics or kraft paper.

Some coffee companies, such as Modern Standards Coffee Roasters in the United Kingdom, have a collecting program for their LDPE coffee packaging. Customers may collect their old bags and return them for a discount when they make their next purchase. Even though the material used is not sustainable, including this information on your coffee packaging is a big way to demonstrate a commitment to waste reduction.

This type of advice can help you reach a considerable number of customers that share your eco-friendly principles. They contribute to promoting your brand as the go-to for individuals seeking a low environmental effect product.

Get Brewing

Any coffee roaster should not overlook the importance of an excellent retail coffee bag design and packaging format. Your commitment to creating informative packaging that supports your coffee brand and its brand values is a big factor in the long-term success of your coffee business.

The perfect coffee packaging will support you in expressing your brand offerings, standing out visually on store shelves and social media, and guaranteeing that customers recognize and buy your brand for the long term. You can also provide your customer online payment methods. The best one is xoom services but you should know about xoom transfer limit before making any payment to pay for bags packaging order.

Usman Sabir