Port St. Lucie Auto Accident Lawyers

Car accidents are often the most uncontrolled part of life. But, sadly, you cannot avoid it even if you’re driving safely. If you’ve been involved in any car accident in St. Lucia, you could be entitled to compensation. Unfortunately, many people in St. Lucia are probably not aware of it due to the complexities of car accident law and dealing with complicated insurance companies. However, a right port st lucie car accident lawyer can make things easy and get you the maximum amount of compensation that you deserve.

Rate of accidents in Port St. Lucie?

Car accidents are very common in Port St. Lucie. According to the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicle numbers, around 5,119 motor vehicle accidents happened in just 2018, with various deaths and fatal injuries. The car accident rate in Port St. Lucie is fairly higher as compared to the other parts of Florida.

How a Car Accident Lawyer Can Help You

Getting into a car accident that caused you any physical, mental, or property damage is overwhelming. Coping up with the post-accident trauma is itself very challenging, and in this situation, a car accident lawyer could be a great support for anyone. Whether it’s about negotiating with the insurance company, dealing with the defendant, or calculation of claim for the compensation that involves future cost, a car accident lawyer can help you with everything. Now, is it a must to hire a car accident lawyer? The answer is no; it’s not. But it’s certainly worth getting a lawyer’s expertise for many reasons that include;

  1. Accurate Calculation of your Damages:

Without a car accident attorney, you might struggle to calculate your damages accurately. A car accident lawyer is an expert person who knows exactly how to calculate all your damages and costs. Not only that, but a car accident lawyer also makes sure that the negotiated settlement covers all of your financial liabilities related to the accident. You might not be able to differentiate between the economic and non-economic damages, but an expert of this profession is aware of such knowledge and protects you from having to pay any money from your own pocket.

  1. Insurance negotiations:

It’s vital to collect all the critical pieces of evidence to get the insurance claims. Insurance companies usually try their best to minimize or deny the claims if the person is dealing on his own. However, with the involvement of a car accident lawyer, you can have legal representation that can make the tricky negotiations very easy with the insurance company.

Talking about evidence, it’s very important for the person to collect the photographic evidence of the accident scene immediately as everyone today has a smartphone. So just collect several pictures of the motor vehicle damage and your injuries from all the different angles and try to remember all the relevant details of the accident.

  1. Your representation in the Courthouse:

Anyone can represent themselves in the court, but the defendant’s lawyer can benefit from that, which can leave the person very vulnerable. That means even after being right with all the evidence, you can lose the case and get no compensation at all. That’s why a professional legal representation is crucial to help you on technical grounds. Although, all the accident claims are settled outside the courthouse. Still, in order to receive the maximum claims and make your case strong enough to get a settlement offer, a car accident lawyer is absolutely beneficial.

  1. Right Legal Advice:

Right legal advice is one of the important things in any car accident—Especially when you’re emotionally traumatized and have to deal with the defendant, insurance company, and court. Port St Lucie’s best car accident lawyers understand the car accident laws can provide you valuable legal advice for any possible issues in your case. In addition, they can also assist you in filing a case, save you from missing any deadline that may lead to cancellation of the case, and most importantly, you get an ultimate peace of mind that your case is in the best hands.

  1. Maximum Compensation:

Last but not least, a car accident lawyer can get you the maximum compensation against your claims. They are well aware of how to calculate the compensation and future cost related to the accident. Some of the common claims an individual could receive in a car accident include;

  • Disabilities: A car accident is a very common cause of permanent disabilities which, of course, cannot be weighed against any money. However, a personal injury lawyer could get you the maximum claims against them.
  • Physical injuries: Minor or major physical injuries are part of every car accident. In case of any car accident, the person should take pictures of the injuries and medical documents from the hospital. It makes the lawyer’s job easier to get you compensation from the at-fault party quickly.
  • Medical bills and future medical costs: Physical injuries are just the immediate result of any car accident. However, the real complications begin during medical treatment and future costs that could leave you with large bills. A car accident lawyer can make sure you don’t have to spend a penny from your own pocket and get you the maximum compensation to cover all the medical costs.
  • Pain and suffering: Pain from the injuries caused by the car accident is also valid for compensation. A lawyer can get you certain claims as per the level of your pain and recovery process.
  • Lost Wages: If you’re a working person and the car accident cost you the job or made you take some time off from work, you’re entitled to claim against the lost income. Though, your correspondence with the company or employee is important in this situation to make it easy for a personal injury lawyer to prove your claims and get you the maximum compensation.
  • Emotional distress: In some car accident cases, a person can also face a mental complication due to the trauma. Many people suffer from depression and get continuous flashbacks of the accident that sometimes make it even harder for them to get behind the driving seat again.
  • Asset damage: Vehicle damages are one of the very obvious outcomes of any motor vehicle accident. It doesn’t matter if you’re driving an expensive vehicle or not. A valid claim can be made against the asset or property damage. At times the accident leaves the vehicle in irreparable condition as well. However, the damage of the car or any internal belongings needs to be calculated properly before you can make any claims for the at-fault party. A car accident lawyer can help you do all the accurate calculations so you can get the maximum compensation for the damage.
  • Loss of life awards: Not all car accidents result in mere injuries or disabilities. Some accidents can also cause the loss of the life of your loved ones. The life of people cannot be brought back, and no amount of money can make it easier. However, you can claim a large amount of money from the guilty party. The compression for loss of life includes the loss of companionship (in case if the dead person was your family member), loss of income, and emotional trauma. A car accident lawyer can handle it when your family is emotionally distressed, and you can use the compensation to manage the burial and funeral costs.

Final Thoughts:

Hopefully, the things discussed in the above article would have explained how much a car accident lawyer can help you. However, it’s completely acceptable if you’re still not convinced about hiring a lawyer due to the high-end fee of hiring a lawyer. Well, luckily, you can get an avail port st lucie car accident lawyer free consultation. Also, many car accident lawyers don’t charge upfront, and all the service cost is covered from the compensation money, and in case of an unsuccessful case, the entire process won’t cost you a penny. So, all you need to know is how to find a car accident lawyer in port st lucie. So, don’t wait for further and start searching!


Usman Sabir