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A garage door torsion springs are made to generate rotational and rotational forces. Garage door torsion springs come in all sizes, such as small torsion springs, large torsion springs, and double torsion springs. They work when one rotates the legs of the spring giving rotational force. 
A door hinge is a perfect example of a torsion spring because it always causes the door to return to its original position. There are many applications that the torsion spring can be helpful. Applications can be levers, fulcrums, switches, hinges, and more. 
Torsion springs can be used to press around a shaft. Wherever you need rotational or pivoting force, torsion springs can be applied. But this time, we will talk about our own garage door torsion springs. 
These garage door torsion springs exert a torque or rotational force. The ends of the torsion springs are attached to other garage components and, as those components rotate around the center of the spring, garage door torsion springs attempt to push them back to their original position. 
Although the name implies otherwise, garage door torsion springs are subjected to bending stress rather than torsion stress. Garage door torsion springs can store and release angular energy or statically hold a mechanism in place by flexing the legs about the body’s central axis. Garage door torsion springs are ideal for things that rotate less than 360 degrees, such as garage doors.
Now that you know a little better what garage door torsion springs are, we want to tell you that we specialize in garage door torsion springs at Johnsons Mobile Garage Door Repair. We have a team that is one hundred percent trained to deal with them, from installation to maintenance, including functions such as repairs and replacements. 

Throughout the years in the business, we were able to perfect this ability, and today we can say that we are the #1 company in garage door torsion springs. Do not hesitate to contact us if you still have doubts about the performance of garage door torsion springs. We recommend them more than any other!
Garage Door Springs – What You Must Know About Them
This section wants to tell you a little about the differences between two major types of garage door springs. On the one hand, as we already mentioned, we have garage door torsion springs, which in a nutshell, are heavy-duty springs mounted on a metal bar that runs parallel to the door, directly over the door opening. 
These springs are loaded or tensioned with a torsion action. When the door closes, cables connected to the bottom corners of the door pull on pulleys attached to the ends of the metal rod on which the springs are mounted. The pulleys rotate the rod, which twists the springs and creates tension. When the door is opened, the springs unwind and help lift the door.
On the other hand, we have extension springs, which are also very common among our customers. Extension springs are long, lighter springs that extend perpendicular to the door and are mounted on the horizontal portions of the door tracks. These springs are tensioned by stretching, using cables and pulleys, as with the torsion system. 
Because extension springs are suspended between two brackets (they are not mounted on a rod, like torsion springs), they must have a safety cable on each spring. This helps contain the spring in case of breakage. Without the safety wire, a spring that breaks under tension is a severe safety hazard. 
If you have old springs that do not have safety cables, you should install safety cables even if you are not replacing the springs. In any case, working with large, heavy springs (not to mention large, heavy doors) is inherently dangerous. So, we recommend that you do not work with them on your own and call in professionals.
Johnsons Mobile Garage Door Repair 
As mentioned above, we do not recommend making repairs on your own. The springs are very complex elements, and many times, they can cause injuries to the customer. But to avoid this, we designed Johnsons Mobile Garage Door Repair, a complete repair service you will find in the business. But before you call us, we would like to share a couple of maintenance tips that you may find helpful when it comes to taking care of your garage. 
Just as water can penetrate the frame, so will insects and other small animals such as lizards, mice, etc. that will enter the edge looking for the heat generated by the current transformer that they incorporate. This situation usually occurs in sliding door motors placed on the floor, and often the installation has left the cable entry underneath free. Seal that entrance and, if necessary, put mouse poison in the area near the motor.
Secondly, depending on the type of door, garbage and dust tend to accumulate in different areas. In sliding doors, we advise keeping the floor guide where the door leaf runs as it can cause jams or even derailment of the door, and it is dangerous. 
Look at the board while the motor is running, be careful not to touch it while it is powered but look closely at the relays to see if they are somewhat scorched by use. Also, if you are familiar with electronics, you should look at the other components to see if you detect that any of them are damaged, so you can send it to repair before the failure goes to more.
Finally, we always advise all our customers to keep the door greased from time to time with liquid grease spray. Many people think that consistent grease is better, but this is a mistake. You should never apply constant oil as it will eventually become stiff and cause clogging.
Johnsons Mobile Garage Door Repair is eagerly awaiting your call! Whether you need the best garage door torsion springs or require the best replacement service, we’ll always have a professional ready with the tools to give you a hand!
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