3 Brilliant Tips for Your Dissertation Presentation

Although you spent hours, weeks, months, or even years writing your dissertation and made it perfect, it does not mean the end of your road. To finish a graduate degree, you ought to convince everyone that you deserve the honors. However, many students struggle to overcome the hurdle of the dissertation defense. 

And that’s understandable since the sheer thought of defending your research project in front of a committee working in your program is reason enough to send chills down your spine. For many students, the anxiety that sets in overwhelms them during the doctoral defense challenge. But considering how far you have come, you should not allow fear to deter your quest for success.

To walk out of the dissertation presentation room with a smiling face, you need to make ample preparations from the word go. Here are three tips to help you prepare for the dissertation of the thesis defense.

  • Create a List of Questions 

At times you can rely on professionals you find at top20writingservices.com to prepare your research project. After all, the best dissertation writing services comes in handy when running low on time, dealing with tight schedules, or when having poor writing skills. Either way, counting on professionals to write your dissertation by the highest standards does not mean you should not go through it.

While preparing for the presentation, try to put yourself in the reader’s shoes and come up with questions you would ask. Once you have a general feel of the questions to anticipate and how they ask, you will find the best response.  Take this as the perfect opportunity to gather as much information as possible before the dissertation presentation. 

  • Give the Presentation In Front of Your Friends 

To kill the anxiety, try to practice in front of friends and mimic the actual session. Ensure you invite friends who boast a good understanding of the topic and let them ask questions, as is the case with the actual event.  That gives you the feeling you get when undertaking the thesis defense.

During the mock presentation, it is common to make mistakes. Do not allow presentation mistakes to affect your morale and confidence. Instead, proceed on and learn how to handle them before D-day.

  • Learn to Deal with Challenging Situations 

During the thesis defense, there is a chance one of the committee members will ask a question you know nothing about. Even though you are ready for some questions and made ample preparations, having gaps in your knowledge is normal. Either way, what matters the most is how you carry yourself in such a scenario.  To have a smooth ride, ensure you know what to do when you don’t know the answer.

Final Thoughts

How you convey yourself during the dissertation presentations says a lot about whether or not you will walk out smiling or with a frowning face. Luckily, the committee members do not expect you to be perfect.  That’s why you should make ample preparations and do away with the nervousness. 


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