How Does a Softphone Work?

A softphone allows you to make phone calls without an actual phone and operates through any internet connection.  It works like a conventional phone with the ability to mute, transfer calls, and place people on hold.  It has additional features like viewing your calendar and team operations like messaging.

Softphone apps work on Mac, Windows, and Linux; desktop, laptops, mobile, and tablets, plus iOS and Android.  Just use a headset and speaker or use your phone, speak normally, and you are making calls.

Remember this is just software, an application, that acts just like a traditional phone.  However, they usually come with extra features like the ability to switch to a video call without interrupting the phone call in process.  They are pretty easy to navigate so you don’t need to be a techie to appreciate their value.

You will get all the standards like transfers, caller ID, multiple lines, voicemail, and others, plus you can access a shared contact directory.  Some other advantages include:

  • Because they will work on a regular cell phone, or tablet, they go where you go.  If you are traveling, you still have access.  When you are in the office setting, you don’t need to sit at your desk to have a conversation.
  • Even though you are using your personal cell phone, you can keep all your personal contacts and other data separate.  When you use the softphone app, the phone number is that of your business and not your personal cell.  That means you don’t need to carry around multiple devices in order to deal with business as well as personal issues.
  • The software is pretty point and shoot with shortcuts like visual voicemails, voicemail-to-email, and drag-and-drop transferring.

The options you get are up to you.  You can choose from a menu that your provider offers and pick those processes that will most benefit you or your company.  Some of those options can include:

  • Company contact list so you won’t need to refer to the printed list of employees to send the call from your desk to someone else.
  • You can see when your staff or coworkers are online, in a meeting, or otherwise unavailable. 
  • Video conferences and team messages, including face-to-face when you want it.
  • Voicemail is a pretty standard feature but softphones can send voicemail messages to emails or even opt for a transcription.  This is particularly handy if you are in a meeting and can’t deal with a voice-to-voice call.

Much of this means greater efficiency and ease of operation within the company.  Because it operates on various devices, you can switch a call from your desktop to your cell if you need to be on the move.

If this is all sounding exactly what you are looking for, contact  One of our representatives will be happy to walk you through the process and describe the various options we have available.  You can book an appointment, call us on the phone, or we can handle it all online, whatever is the most convenient for you.

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