For updating the look and feel of your house without breaking the bank! Giving your home a fresh coat of paint is one of the simplest methods to do so.

While you may paint the walls yourself, this would take a long time, and you will have to worry about getting paint all over the place. More significantly, you might not get the same result as a professional paint job.

Painting services are relatively easy to come by in Singapore. Whether you need economic HDB painting services for your home re-modelling or want complicated wall effects in your living room, here is a list of some of the best HDB painting services Singapore, as well as the elements that influence painting costs.

The advantages of painting your home

  • It can aid in the protection of your walls’ surface.
  • Over time, your walls will show signs of wear and tear, affecting the overall appearance and condition of your home. Giving your walls a fresh coat of paint not only helps them last longer but also prevents paint cracks and bubbles, as well as oil, filth, mould, and mildew accumulation.
  • Increases the value of your home
  • Repainting your walls is a low-cost approach to make your home look younger and potentially even boost its value.
  • If you want to boost the market value of your property, experts recommend sticking to neutral and minimalist colours like white, beige, cream, and tan rather than striking colours.
  • Improve your home’s air quality.
  • Standard paints emit various hazardous substances, including formaldehyde, heavy metals, and Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), which are toxic fumes.
  • Switching to VOC-free paints made from natural ingredients like beeswax and plant oils can help to minimize pollutants in the air and improve indoor air quality. It is especially advantageous to children and pregnant women.

What factors influence the price of painting services?

Some factors, including determining the cost of painting your home.

  • Room type: Varying rooms necessitate different levels of attention. Painting a kitchen, for example, will cost more than painting a bedroom because it requires a primer or sealer layer, and bathrooms often require anti fungal paints.
  • Property kind: Whether it’s an HDB flat, a private condo, or a landed home, and the property type determines the price.
  • Surface area: The more extensive your home’s surface area, the more paint you’ll need.
  • Internal or external wall: External walls usually require more layers of paint to survive the elements and are therefore more costly.
  • Colors: Using more than one or different colours in a room will inevitably increase the cost.
  • Effect: Different paint effects and textures, such as sponging and faux painting, are more expensive.
  • Paint quality: Each manufacturer offers a variety of paints with various properties, such as glossy and matte finishes, as well as anti fungal, anti-mosquito, VOC-free, and other features. The cost of each will be different.

How much do HDB painting services in Singapore cost?

If you’re wondering how much painting your HDB flat or condo will cost, here are some of the most famous painting services in Singapore and their prices. Smaller HDB flats cost about $1,500. More extensive HDB flats and private condos may exceed $2,000.

broad guidelines to follow from start to finish

Before we get into specifics like what should be in your contract and hidden charges, here are some broad guidelines to follow from start to finish:

  1. Do your homework and make a budget.
  • Begin by creating a budget, so you know how much money you have to spend on renovations.
  • It will reveal the scope of house renovations that are doable for you. It can also help you avoid disappointment as a result of unmet expectations, as well as unnecessary disputes down the road.
  1. Recognize what you require and what you do not.
  • Separating your ‘needs’ from your ‘wants’ or ‘nice-to-haves can ensure that the necessary items, like providing your bathrooms are watertight, are not jeopardized by financial restraints.
  1. Ask relatives and friends for referrals.
  • Almost every homeowner has a tale about a renovation. Hearing about the experiences and seeing the quality of the work for yourself at a family or friend’s home is a great way to start. Google can also be your ally; but, be aware of those that lack positive reviews or portfolios to back them up.