Capturing A Special Moment, Tips to Avoid the Mistakes

Capturing a moment can be challenging as you always need to focus. You need always to pay attention to avoid losing the best moment that may happen at that time. That is why every photographer will not do this job alone. They will have a special team to assist him. However, even you have a special team to help you, missing the moment can happen to anyone, even for a professional. But if you do not want to miss it or face other mistakes, you can visit Compact click, the only website for photographers. As for now, let us read the following article, and you will get an insight into it.

Avoiding the Mistakes While Shooting

There is a saying that humans are not free from mistakes. Some say intelligent people will learn from mistakes that occur both from their own mistakes and the mistakes of others. Well, in this article on photography tips, we will review tips on avoiding photography mistakes and some examples of mistakes in photographing. There is a saying that rules are to be broken. Well, that’s how it is in the world of photography. Sometimes when we break the rules can also get a good photo. For example, we place the horizon line in the middle of the photo frame, whereas in the Rule Of Third Photography rules, it is recommended to place the horizon line in the 2/3 part of the photo.

If we place the horizon in the middle, but there are still cloud reflections, for example, our photos will still look good. Believe it or not, many people have practiced this. Has the same thing ever happened to you, made a mistake, but the result is still good? Back with the saying, learn from mistakes, try never to assume that the photos we have produced do not escape mistakes. Explore a scene in your photo more deeply, and never assume the previous photo you took is the best.

Not All Mistakes Are Bad

When we are speaking about mistakes, you may think that it is something that you need to stay away from. Sometimes a mistake can make something better. It is similar to a moment when you are making food then give the wrong spice, but the result is more delicious. We also have this mistake in photography. There are many photography mistakes that you need to avoid. However, this following mistake in photography will make your photo better. The first is there is a horizon line in the center of the frame, referring to this kind of mistake; the horizon is placed in 2/3 of the photo frame when photographing a landscape. The horizon in the middle of the frame is no less beautiful. The second is a wide lens for a portrait photo. Some say that portrait photos using a wide lens are ‘illegal’—no need to worry about that. Many portrait photos that use wide lenses and even fisheye lenses that can get the distortion effect caused by a short focal length can produce good photos. Keep avoiding mistakes during a photoshoot is a must. But, if you have done your best but still experiencing those mistakes, no need to worry. Take a look at the result in case the mistake will make your photo looks better.

What If My Photo Got Blur?

Having a blurry photo can be very stressful for photographers. Even you have done your best, you will get blurry photos unintentionally. However, a blurry photo can also have a great result. You do not believe it, right? Who says blurry photos are bad? There are even communities that only focus on learning to get good blur photos. In theory, photo blur is caused by camera movement when shooting, especially the slow-speed setting. That is why when you move too fast, your photo will get blur. An example of a good blur photo is when capturing a dancing moment. As a dancing moment cannot be stopped as you wish, you have to capture it even they are moving. Have you seen the result? Is it great, right?

As a photographer keep avoiding mistakes is the key to the best result. Pay attention to each detail to make it work. Besides, doing preparation is also essential to minimize mistakes on the shooting day. However, even if you have done and prepared before the day, mistakes can still happen sometimes, and you cannot avoid them—no need to be overworried about it. You can look at the result first as some mistakes can also have a good impact on your photo. For instance, a blurry photo can be very stressful, but the result will be much better if you capture a dancing movement. If you want to know more about this, you can try capturing a movement moment and see the excellent result even if it has a blurry result.

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