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Most of us only pay attention to the availability and pricing of skip hires. But do you know about 80% of soil pollution occurs due to landfills? Don’t you think so that you should consider one more thing with these considerations? Yes, of course, you should think about it that what skip hires do with your garbage. In simple words, we should do our part to either make sure that it is correctly disposed of or to minimize landfill waste.

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So you should be aware of what happens to your rubbish when skip hire takes it with them!

The Law and Skip Hire Companies

Developed countries have made some rules and regulations about waste disposal for skip hire and other waste management companies. That strategy is zero to landfill policy – not to send waste to the landfills carelessly. Instead, these rules and regulations aim to ensure that the waste should be recycled as much as possible by skip hire and waste management companies.

What Skip Hire Do to Obey This Law?

After collecting waste from you, the skip hire takes it back to their company’s base, evaluates it, and separates it into different piles of the same material. The items that should be disposed of or are sent to landfills and the remaining things are appropriately grouped and dealt with as given below:

1.Garden Waste

Garden waste is an idea to be composed, reused in the garden by farmers and landscaping, and improve plant life by providing the land with a natural boost.

2.Wood Furniture

Chipboard furniture and wood can be used again to make something new. The chipped wood pieces can be then utilized for gardening industries or burning purposes.

3.Excess Soil

The skip hire company sends the excess soil to the land reclamation scheme.


Stones, glass, concrete, brick, and tiles are the things that can’t be reused in their original form. But by crushing these items, these can be reused in building projects.

5.Scrap Material

A broad range of items lie in this category and are reused by some countries but not all.


Items such as fridges, computers, DVD players, and many other electronics possess numerous liquids that can do leakage and cause harm to the earth. Hence they are usually hazardous to the environment. This item can be reused most of the time after refurbishing, but if it’s not achievable, the energy industry takes them and utilizes them to produce electricity.


So, by reading all the things mentioned above, it’s now clear to you that you should be aware of what skip hire company does with your rubbish. It’s your moral duty to always look for a company that properly dispose of waste and try its best to recycle the debris.

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