10 Braids That Look Amazing on Short Hair



Looking for creative braids for short hair? Here is your chance to pick one

Do you know that you can have different types of braided hairstyles for your short hair? If you fade up with your monotonous all-time hairstyle, this is an excellent chance for you to come up with new braided hairstyles. It is always exciting to explore new hairstyles, and there is no doubt that the following lists can give you the same feeling. So, if you think that your short hair needs restyling, try a few of them, as these are some of the trendy and amazing braid hairstyling.

1.  Shaved Sides with Top Braid



Shaved sides with top braids are trendy

The choice for this type of braided styling is still trendy. It looks cool for any gender. An interesting fact about this braid hair is that it is easy to achieve just by applying a few steps. The shaved sides even look good for long hair, but shaving adds a unique look to the braided hair when it comes to short hair, whether long straight hair or curly hair. Such hairstyles are now gaining popularity among the youth. So, I feel that you should also try once. If you don’t have a clear direction about how to create them, here are few basic steps to guide you;

First, shave or trim the sides of your hair extremely short, and then weave two tiny strands of hair around each other. You can repeat the process for the remaining hair. Then, start loosely collecting all the twists, and then tuck and pin them into place, giving your hair a pompadour looks. You may even use hair gel to shape your style. If these steps seem harder, try exploring on other guides. You will never regret choosing this hairstyle.

2.  Box Braids with Half Up, Half Down



Half-up, half-down with extension looks great for short hair

The half-up, half-down with Braiding Hair hairstyle has been doing so well during the 1990s. The hairstyle is still popular today as it can suit any face shape with super flattering looks. Create box braids and twist short braids into a tiny knotted bun around the top of your head. Leave some braids out in the front for a lovely face-framing look that’s comparable to bangs. With the hairstyle, you walk in confidence in the street.

3.  Crown Braids



Wear your own crown with braided hair

Crown braid is exceptional in our heart because it is a crown hairstyle and who doesn’t love being a princess with a crown. If your short hair is not enough to create a satisfying crown, add extensions. The style can be done on any type of hair. Just select that blend well with your hair texture. To achieve this classic look, braid or mold your short hair down using a gel, then braids hair extensions and pin them in place to secure the braid in a headband shape.

4.  Braided Bob



Gorgeous braided bobs for black women

Creating a braided bob is such a lengthy process as it involves many other stylings. The style requires medium size box braids on the top and with cornrows at the sides from the front. Then secure the hair tips with small elastic bands and then level the hair by cutting the tips forming the overall hair into a braided bob. The steps could be lengthy, but you will definitely love the style.

However, if you find this a bit hard, go with a bob twist hairstyle. It is almost similar to braided bobs, but bob twist contains only singular styling. This twisted lob is a timeless style that never goes out of style. A middle part bob is elegant and will be great for any event if you have natural hair and want to attempt a twisted appearance. If your short hair is thin, try micro twist bob and lob box braids. They are hair protective, letting your hair grow well.

5.  Braids with Beads



Braid with beads is creative and stunning at the same time

Beads are an excellent way to add flair and individuality to your braids. These flexible hair accessories can create a trendy or fun hairdo and a classic accent to braids. They also look just as fabulous on shorter braids like micro cornrows and tree braids as they do on larger braids like box braids or Fulani braids. Some even try beads on their braided bangs and bobs, giving a completely new look. Choose the beads that best represent your style, from monochromatic to vivid shades, metal or wood with variant colors. Try using different combinations of bead colors, such as rainbow colors.

6.  Side Curls and Cornrows



The side curls add beauty to your hair with least effort

Wear a classic, simple style that almost anybody can achieve. If you have naturally curly and short hair and add a fun touch, cornrows at your head side are cool. For this style, perfectly coiled strands are coupled with a deep side part and cornrows that should be braided at an upward slant for this style. To accentuate your natural curls and achieve smooth, frizz-free locks, use a natural texture hair dryer to give you a good look.

7.  Updo Cornrows



Updo cornrows have never been out of fashion

Updo cornrows work perfectly on short hairs. It looks excellent on athletes as it is comfortable while doing physical work. If you are curious to try this hairstyle, try parting your hair ear to ear, then divide the top half into three pieces and the bottom half into two sections to create this beautiful updo. Braid three cornrows on each side part in the front, then braid two braids with the rear section, including the ends from the three front braids. Pinning them up, smoothing down the edges with fine coconut oil, and gently rolling and pinning the front middle portion into a pompadour are the last touches.


8.  Tribal Braids



Keep wearing the classic tribal hairstyle with rejuvenating looks every day

Traditional braiding designs from African civilizations are the inspiration for tribal braids. These patterns were frequently utilized to convey information about an individual’s identity. Tribal hairstyles today feature a variety of braids that, when mixed, represent each person’s uniqueness. Spiral cornrows and side braids are an excellent choice for short-haired people who want a tribal braided hairstyle. Add famous cowrie shells to your braids for a homage to traditional African hairstyles. If you want to secure it well, try using gel and wear the perfect tribal braids.

9.  Large Knotless Box Braids



Try this hairstyle, the large knotless box braid for your  short hair

Large box braids create a dramatic impression and are easy to manage, making them a standout option for females with short natural hair. Consider requesting your stylist to utilize the knotless method, which has grown increasingly popular in recent years for longer and heavier braids. Instead of tying braided hair in knots, your hairdresser will feed it in gently and integrate it with your natural hair. As a consequence, your scalp will be less tense, and the possibilities of breakage will be reduced. You can even decorate it with colorful beads and other ornaments to look more attractive.

10. Double French Braids



If you are sport women, this is an ideal hairstyle for you

This style resurfaced around four years ago and has remained trendy ever since. This style is lovely since it can be worn with various hair lengths and does a fantastic job of keeping your hair out of your face. Most preferable by Sports Women as they are so convenient to work. If you are observant, women who participate in athletes, such as boxing, martial arts, and other sports, usually braids hair into french braids to make them comfortable.

Other Creative and Good Looking Braided Hairstyles for Short Hairs

●     The headband hairstyle

This styling is similar to crown braids. It resembles your hairband as it is braided at where we usually place the band.

●     Twin Braided Bun

This hairstyle keeps your hair away from your face. The hair is evenly parted from the middle, well braided, and then turned into a bun on both sides of the head.

●     Waterfall Braids

There is another chic-looking style for short hair called waterfall. A hairstylist braids hair from ear to ear and let the remaining hair pass freely through the braid, down the neck just like a waterfall.

As I have mentioned earlier, the mentioned hairstyles for braided hair are popular hairstyles for short hair. Most celebrities with short hair are seen wearing these styles, and they look super cool. If you love short hair, you may also try these styles to rejuvenate with new looks.