14 Top Podcasts on Economics and Finances

Nowadays, podcasts are as popular as videos on YouTube or posts on Instagram. People love the idea of listening to educational and entertaining content wherever they are: driving to work or getting ready for sleep. Millions of users worldwide dedicate their time learning something new and exciting, and one of the most popular topics is surely economics and money.

If you are on this page, most likely, you want to find an interesting, informative, and engaging podcast on the topic. Or you want to start a channel on your own and want to learn everything about recording audio, doing business transcription, and engaging the audience. That’s exactly what we are going to discuss. Make yourself comfortable and get familiar with the best podcasts at the moment.

1. Macro Musings

Macro Musings, the first representative on our list, is presented by David Beckworth from George Mason University. He covers a variety of macroeconomic topics, including monetary policies, labor, and inflation. The stories are vivid, and the guests – reputable and interesting. Thanks to hiring a professional transcription service, Macro Musings is easy to record and reference.

2. More or less: behind the stats

If you find statistics and complex concepts too difficult, listen to this podcast by Tim Harford. It airs every week on BBC Radio 4 and aims to make the topic clear and understandable even to those who don’t know a thing about economics, politics, and international affairs.

3. Planet Money

Planet Money is not only a popular blog but also a podcast where you can learn everything about the global economy. The author refers to the past, present, and future, makes unexpected links, and spices stories with interesting and remembering plots. We listen to Planet Money regularly and advise you to do the same.

4. The Baseline Scenario

If you value experience, the Baseline Scenario is exactly what you need. It is written by Simon Johnson, who has been the leading economist in the International Monetary Fund and is now a professor at MIT. The podcast touches on a variety of topics: from policies and case studies to the global economy. They already have a collection of materials for beginners.

5. Paul Krugman

The best way to gain new knowledge and let it sink in is to use video transcription and listen to the people who know what they are talking about. Paul Krugman is one of them! He is an economist at Princeton University, a New York Times writer, and a Nobel Prize winner. Apart from the podcast, he has a blog and a book about the 2008 economic crisis.

6. EconoTalk

EconoTalk has been voted as the Best Podcast and is a great mixture of knowledge, stories, and fun. It is presented by Russ Roberts from George Mason University and includes professional human transcribers, editors, and outstanding visuals. Every podcast is a discussion with professors, businessmen, and regular people on economic topics. Make sure you have lots of spare time because EconoTalk is a real find!

7. Your Money Briefing

If you want to read more stories about the financial market, head to Your Money Briefing. It is created by journalists from the Heard on the Street, The Wall Street Journal, and other famous mediums. Here, they share valuable tips and insights about investments, retirement, and other important topics. The entries are very short – around 10 minutes – so you will always find time to get a piece of valuable advice.

8. Conversations with Tyler

Tyler Cowen (George Mason University), together with the Mercatus Center, initialize discussions with economists, entrepreneurs, and thinkers on the topics of economics, personal growth, and culture. The podcast airs every Wednesday. Not to miss anything, we recommend using audio and video subtitles. Make notes and use them later!

9. Realtime Economics Issue Watch

At this podcast, authors from the Peterson Institute for International Economics discuss the latest news and tendencies in the local and global economy, evaluate the news, and give lots of useful tips and advice. The podcast is simple, even though the topics are sometimes rather complex. As if you are having small talk with a friend!

10. Slate Money

If you don’t want to miss the news but have little time, Slate Money is the right podcast. Once a week, three experienced journalists discuss current events: mergers, investments, pandemics, cryptocurrencies, and much more. Sometimes it’s a pity that Slate Money is published only once a week, but the writing, recording, and subtitling process are quite time-consuming, so we understand them.

11. IMF Podcasts

There is a way to feel yourself a part of the international economic forum! Join the IMF Podcast and participate in discussions of the latest findings, news, and achievements in economics and finances. Every episode covers a lecture or performance of managing directors, Nobel Laureates, or billionaires.

12. Who Makes Cents

Who Makes Cents airs once a month and concentrates on the issues of capitalism. It is hosted by Jessica Ann Levy from the University of Virginia, who invites people to discuss capitalism and its impact on the modern world.

13. The Economics Detective

This podcast is run by Garret Petersen, a Ph.D. candidate from Simon Fraser University. He discusses a bunch of broad topics related to economics. The core of the episode is an interview that lasts approximately one hour. Simon and invited experts discuss finances, business cycles, education, macroeconomics, and other engaging topics in an interesting and clear manner.

14. Montana Economic Minute

As you get from the title, this podcast is initiated by the University of Montana and its School of Business Administration. It highlights current affairs and trends in finances and economics. For example, how the pandemic influences the labor market or what the best retirement plans are.

Listen to podcasts and become richer

In this article, we have discussed the 14 most popular podcasts about finances, economics, and money. With their help, you will find lots of useful information and can become a skilled individual not depending on whether you want to gain general knowledge or deepen your understanding in one of the fields.

The list is also useful for those who want to start a podcast of their own and need inspiration. If so, don’t forget to find a catchy topic, show your experience, and transcribe audio to text for the best comprehension. Good luck!