Online Reputation: Importance of Hotel Reviews

It may not seem like it, but the online reputation of your hotel or inn is more important to your business’ success than you think. Being well rated on digital platforms can bring a series of advantages to further boost your sales. In this post you will discover the importance of your guest’s ratings for your hosting environment and why you cannot fail to give relevance to the online reputation of your hotel or inn.

What are online assessments?

In basic terms, reviews (online reviews) are nothing more than reviews from customers who have stayed with you on some online platform. In other words, when staying with you, this customer can go to one of the platforms, such as Google, Facebook or TripAdvisor and evaluate what he thought about your hotel or inn. In relation to various aspects of your business, such as: service, structure or any unforeseen events that may have occurred during your stay. Of course, these reviews can be both positive and negative. Everything will vary depending on the experience the guest has had with their accommodation. A service like Accfarm, therefore, would be crucial in creating a positive online reputation.

Importance of online reputation

To understand the importance of these reviews for the hotel industry to become clearer, let’s start with data. According to a study by BrightLocal, 82% of consumers read online reviews about businesses before consuming. And on average, this consumer reads at least 10 reviews from people who have already shopped with the company in question.

And especially when we talk about the hotel industry, evaluations are even more important. Being one of the three niches in which online reviews further influence the purchase decision, along with general services and food. That’s why, when it comes to hotels and inns, not paying attention to the ratings is a big mistake in the digital environment.

Benefits of working with reviews

The data alone are quite expressive to demonstrate the importance of reviews and online reputation for hotels and inns. But now let’s get to the benefits of working on assessments. Initially, the visibility and good impression that consumers have of their hosting medium is already a great benefit.

The better your services, the better the reviews that guests will leave and, in turn, the better your company’s image will be in the online environment.

By having a good online reputation, your company can easily see which points of your service most appeal to your audience. This way you can set up digital marketing strategies focused on the attributes of your company that are best spoken of by the clientele, in addition to correcting the flaws of your hotel or inn.

And it is not new that analyzing the competition is a strategy widely used by hotels and inns, but did you know that reviews can help your company at this point too? Carefully read every complaint or compliment your competitors receive and learn where they are getting it right and wrong. So you will know what your company can improve to get ahead of other means of hosting in the region.

We’ve already talked about the importance and some benefits of having a great online reputation here. But what you still don’t know is that by being well ranked on Google and on websites that specialize in hospitality and with a large number of positive reviews (high marks). You can reduce the cost of acquiring customers, or in this case, guests.

As your website is ranked well and your hotel or hostel has good reviews, the more visits you will get, and consequently, the higher the rate of direct bookings on your engine.

The difference that will make you spend less is due to the positive ratings. Your hotel or inn can spend less effort promoting your services, as your guests will do this work for you on several online platforms. This process will work as a kind of word-of-mouth marketing, but in the digital environment.

It is not enough to be well evaluated, it is necessary to answer

Going back to the BrightLocal survey data. A very important point raised by this study says that 97% of consumers not only read the reviews, but also the response of the host in relation to this review analyzed. In other words, the secret is not just in offering a good service to be well evaluated. You need to respond to these reviews, even if it’s a “thank you, come back often!” to connect with former guests and attract new customers.