Mailchimp Salesforce Integration Guide

Mailchimp Salesforce integration has become the benevolent platform for improvising over the management of the application is software with the motive of benefiting the customers.

With the advent of Technology, the Mailchimp salesforce integration methodology has adjusted individuals in the development of power infrastructure for enjoying certain benefits in association with customer retention and improvement in the purchasing experiences.


Mailchimp Salesforce integration can be executed only after the installation of the Salesforce integration by managing the Salesforce account and synchronizing the database with the Mailchimp infrastructure.

The Mailchimp to Salesforce integration journey can be best understood whenever you are indulging in the process of connection of the integration methodologies where you can quickly go through the sales and marketing leads as well as contacts managed inside the MailChimp interface.

You can also target the sales and contacts with specialized email content for setting up the application to the fulfillment of the motive of synchronization of information.

Points to remember before starting

You need to make sure that the Mailchimp account that is required for accessing the manager credentials or even higher than that needs to be maintained and even check out the user levels for managing the same in your account.

Salesforce integration is a need of a Limited and Enterprise edition securing the developer edition of Salesforce.

If you have the requirements of utilizing the professional edition then you can seek the advice of the Salesforce account executive for enabling the API is and hence the accessibility becomes smoother before the installation of the Salesforce integration.

You can also check for the integration mechanism that helps you to build a connection between the Salesforce account and the single Mailchimp account.

Prerequisites and associated plans

You should be well aware of the fact that the Mailchimp interface generates the mill chamber count which works on the premium plan and can map a maximum of 80 fields.

There is a management of regular email along with the campaigns at the same gets displayed inside the Salesforce integration. There is also a requirement for the account for accessing this type of integration.

Steps for installation of the Salesforce integration

The very first step illustrates the need for the installation of the Salesforce integration by navigating the Salesforce integration listing known as AppExchange listing.

In the next step, you have to select the button get it now where you will be e getting in touch with the modal known as let’s get started. Now you have to fulfil the login procedures with the trailblazer account.

In the next step, you have to select the methodology for the options for logging in. For that, you can use the Google account on LinkedIn accounts and enter the login credentials successfully for getting inside the integration procedure.

After that, you can click on the login button and start the installation process by clicking over the installation in the production button.

In the next step, you have to perform certain installation details on the details page where you have to make sure that the checkbox provides next to the instructions is clicked.

You also need to go to the terms and conditions for the confirmation of the installation process. In the last step, you need to select the install for all users and proceed with the installation after approving the third-party access ability.

Important points to be noted

The first procedure is in Association with the authentication procedure. You have to proceed with the creation of leads and contacts so that you can easily synchronize the information for building the connection with the Mailchimp account and the sales force.

You can use the app launcher dropdown menu for completing the authentication process along with logging in with MailChimp username and password.

The next procedure talks about the process of lead creation which allows you to form the leads inside the Salesforce platform.

Mapping the fields

In this procedure that you have to map the data fields in association with the salesforce account to the Mailchimp audience fields.

You have to select the drop-down menu under the Salesforce lead field and can easily match with the existing fields and click on the Save button.

For the addition of a new field, you can click on the field type menu for choosing the field type and input the appropriate name of the field. Also, you need to check the box provided next to the field in case if it is required. Finally, you can save the changes after adding the field.


We hope that you have got all the details associated with the Mailchimp and Salesforce integration. We have also covered the steps of building Mailchimp to Salesforce integration so that there is no difficulty in Association with starting the mechanism of installation of the Salesforce integration.

After you have successfully connected the Salesforce integration now you can proceed with the viewing process of Mailchimp campaign activities that are residing inside the salesforce.