A Guide of Vintage Dress Shop

Why be a cookie-cutter version by wearing the same clothes that everyone wears when you can stand out by wearing vintage outfits? It’s a vintage obsession. Perhaps shopping for vintage needs some skills, patience, and dedication.  Are you also in love with vintage outfits? Do you know how to choose a flapper dress? Where to shop for great gatsby dresses? And how to get the best deal for 1920 dresses? 

Anything you want to know is right here, a complete guide to a vintage dress shop. However, learning how to shop vintage garments can be, frankly, tricky and difficult. Fortunately, you are under the scope of buying the right vintage. Let’s get started.

Where can I buy vintage clothes online?

There are various spectacular shops to buy vintage outfits online. Their names include ASOS, Farfetch, ZAPAKA, Vestiaires Collective, and many others considered luxury resellers.

Identify the real vintage fabric

The aboriginal vintage piece has the label of authenticity or tags are sewn, which are hard to replicate. Perhaps various fake brands mimic vintage logos, and the design is altered from the original piece. Fake vintage clothes are almost unnoticed by a blithe consumer. The facile way to make sure you are not purchasing the faux fabric is trusting the dealer shop you are buying from.

Know your eras

Typically, the easiest eras to shop for would be the modern eras like the 1980s,1990s, or half of the 20th century. Perhaps 1960s items are considered too custom-y if not incorporated well with contemporary styles.

Know your budget

In the modern world of fast fashion, it’s easy to fall victim to the latest trends. Instead, vintage clothes enable you to have a unique style and save lots of money. Vintage can be expensive, but shopping from the right store can score you only $30 or less. Define your budget and try to look at those dresses that fall under your budget.

Start with classic

Being a novice into vintage hunting, it’s worth seeking out something perennial to start. Something basic yet classic is excellent for newly initiated people, like the 1950s beaded cardigan, flapper dresses, or a 1960s black dress. Try to buy something that you can wear repeatedly, and it won’t lose its luster.

For just dipping into vintage, try to find a dress that you can mix with anything in your wardrobe. Think about a flapper dress, 50s cardigan, 60s breezy boho dresses, or timeless pair of Levi’s. Don’t forget vintage coats or 90s jackets that will truly stand out for newbies.

The best dresses to buy as a vintage newbie

The best advice for those that are new in vintage games is slowly introducing vintage in your closet. Purchase only pieces that can smoothly pair up with daily outfits. Find something that exactly fits your personality and looks best on your body. Choose your style. Mix trendy jeans with a vintage blazer. You can’t wear anything custom-y at the office. Try to keep it as natural as you can.

Things to avoid

Look at the purchased fabric carefully, don’t buy any piece with stains that look difficult to get out—a vintage jacket with a missing button that you can’t pick up at the craft shop to replace. 

Stay away from the dresses having yellow strains that are difficult to clean. Prudently scan the dress threadbare fabric, zippers, buttonholes, and snaps. Avoid purchasing any clothing having signs of irreparable damage. Be mindful that a stained ripped, and flared dress is not worth buying. 

But still, you liked an outfit that is slightly stained or ripped. Then find a great cleaner or professional tailor experienced in handling vintage clothes to make corrections.


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