Here’s The Best Bamboo Industry In India – Cultivation And Export

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Indian Bamboo Cultivation

Bamboo is one of the commercially cultivated crops in India and many other countries it is also considered as ‘a poor man’s timber’ but the indoor bamboo interior designing of houses and resorts is very charming and eye catching. India is the second largest producer of Bamboo in the world after China and its quality is very reliable. The yearly bamboo production in the country is estimated at around 3.23 million tons. In Asia, bamboo is the most integrated part of the culture and is used as a substitute to woods. It is mainly used as construction material, furniture, pulp and plywood. India is very fortunate to be blessed with good bamboo resources. Moreover, the bamboo shoots are consumed as food and are considered good source of nutrition. The northeastern states are the major bamboo producing states in the country.

Although there are around 136 species of bamboo that exist in the country, still only some of them are commercially feasible for construction and décor purposes.

Suitable Climate for Bamboo Cultivation

The bamboo plantation grows well in hot to warm temperate climatic conditions that’s why India is 2nd largest bamboo production country all around the globe. But it must be remembered that it doesn’t require temperature below 15 degrees Celsius in the summers for nutrition purposes. Since the bamboo has thin roots as well as ample growth, you must make provisions to protect it from strong winds. Also, an area that receive cold winds are just not appropriate for bamboo cultivation as the winds kills the tips of bamboo leaves and ruins the growth of bamboo.

Suitable Soil for Bamboo Cultivation

Bamboos can be grown and cultivated on a wide variety of soils except for rock-strewn soils because it’s not very suitable for bamboo cultivation purposes.  Bamboo plantation also requires well drained sandy soil to clay soil that should have a Ph range of 4.5 to 6.0. If we talk about India, then the Barack Valley region is best suited for bamboo cultivation due to best soil and perfect climate conditions.