Scott Devis: The Prostate Protocol Review – Effective Prostate Protocol or Not?

The Prostate Protocol is a program led by Scott Davis, who allegedly found a way to reduce Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (BPH) symptoms among men 50 years old and above. According to one of his program’s followers, Davis is a person who specializes in gut bacteria. While not explicitly told in one of his testimonies, we can assume that Scott Davis is a gastroenterologist, but no mention of his “doctor” title is found anywhere. Nevertheless, we can only assume since the identity of Davis is somewhat shrouded in mystery. Going back, the main point of Davis’ program was to suppress the symptoms of BPH by cultivating the micro-biome in our gut. Specifically speaking, he mentions that the only way to suppress the enlargement of the prostate was to keep your gut’s good bacteria in large populations. This is meant to stabilize hormones, which was told to be the root cause of the enlarged prostate in the first place. Davis’ program has allegedly helped many people already, and with a growing number of followers, we can see why the Prostate Protocol is becoming a hit among older men who are having frequent trips to the bathroom. The sound strategy and the number of people who believe in Davis have heavily influenced others intro trying out his program. After all, they too had regular-sized prostates after following the Prostate Protocol. However, is the science behind the protocol sound? Does it really make your older years much bearable? Does it really shrink the size of your prostate to regular 25-year old levels? Let’s learn about this product and more in this latest Prostate Protocol review.

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List of Contents:

  • What is the Prostate Protocol?
  • What does the Prostate Protocol say?
  • How many pages does the Prostate Protocol have?
  • How long does it take for a person to read the Prostate Protocol?
  • Who is the Prostate Protocol for?
  • How does the Prostate Protocol work?
  • What are the contents of the Prostate Protocol?
  • Are the contents of the Prostate Protocol scientifically-based?
  • How long is the Prostate Protocol supposed to work?
  • Who is the author of the Prostate Protocol?
  • Who is the publisher of the Prostate Protocol?
  • How much does the Prostate Protocol cost?
  • Where can you buy the Prostate Protocol?
  • Prostate Protocol Reviews
  • Prostate Protocol Summary and Verdict

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What is the Prostate Protocol?

The Prostate Protocol is an ebook that deals with a condition called Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia or BPH. It is a common condition found in men where the prostate gland is abnormally enlarged, thereby causing it to choke the urethra and make it hard for men to urinate. Most of the time, men with BPH have a hard time peeing since it feels painful and even downright overbearing. It can cause sleeplessness as well since individuals with BPH since they’ll feel the need to urinate now and then. It is because the urine coming in from the kidneys fills in the bladder, but the urethra, which is the only passageway out of our body, is choked by the ever-expanding prostate gland. As you can imagine, this unnatural chokepoint is making it hard for our bodies to expel waste material through the kidneys. In severe cases, the enlarged prostate gland can heavily block off the body’s urinary tract, thereby making it prone to urinary tract infection and, eventually, renal failure if the toxic products of our kidney backflow into the renal organs. What’s really bothersome is that BPH heavily affects people who are getting closer to their senior years.

The Prostate Protocol Overview:

Product Name The Prostate Protocol
Author Scott Davis
Category Ebook
Main Benefits How To Reduce BPH Symptoms
Results 6-12 Months
Price $49 (Check For Discount)
Availability Only Through The Official Website
Official Website Click Here


What’s more, BPH is affecting a greater number of people now than before. Prostate Protocol deals with this threat by stating natural ways to protect and lessen the expansion of our prostate gland while effectively shrinking it by lessening the body’s hormone imbalance. We’ll discuss more of that later in a bit.

Prostate Protocol is exactly what it says. It’s a protocol program designed to lessen enlarged prostates’ size through “effective and natural” ways. It has been mentioned that prescription drugs have extreme side effects and that going natural is the only way that a person can effectively evade the dangers of synthetic side effects. Prostate Protocol also presents itself as an alternative solution when no other way is working for people who are affected with BPH. This book, or program, teaches you how to go about your daily life, all while giving you the hope you need to go through life. Understandably, people who suffer from BPH are irritable simply because it really sucks. A person’s quality of life is heavily affected when one is experiencing an episode of BPH. Imagine sleepless nights, the urge to pee, but no pee is coming out, and the increased risk of infection. There are also feelings of pain since you try to push it from within. The Prostate Protocol aims to stop that kind of distress in an individual. It gives you the right things you need to know in shrinking your prostate while keeping the side effects of other drugs at bay.

What does the Prostate Protocol say?

The Prostate Protocol works on the science of hormone imbalance. We all know that hormone imbalance can cause different sorts of things in our bodies. For one, it can cause pimple breakouts, mood swings, depression, extreme happiness, decreased bodily processes, excessive hair fall, increased wrinkling of the skin, and enlarged prostates.  Many scientific studies tell us that the primary cause of an enlarged prostate is none other than a huge imbalance in sex hormones, most notably an imbalance of testosterone and estrogen. Too much of either hormone can promote the unwarranted growth of our prostate gland, even though it’s unnecessary. The Prostate Protocol is marketed as an all-in-one solution to BPH by putting a person on track on this extremely healthy diet that promotes hormone equilibrium. One question comes to mind, how does a healthy diet help an enlarged prostate shrink to its regular size? Remember how we mentioned that Scott Davis was probably a gastroenterologist? As it turns out, according to the latest scientific studies about gut bacteria, it has been found that the good bacteria inside our small intestines puff out chemicals, sort of like how we exhale, except this byproduct works wonders for our body. Not only does it stimulate our body to do wonderful things such as lower blood pressure or calm things down, but it can also balance out your body’s hormones. This is why according to another study, the presence of good bacteria in your small intestine is crucial in keeping your hormonal balance in check. Gut flora has that such influence that it has been said to “reduce depression” and “increase mood stability” in individuals. As we know, the feeling that we have every day affects how we go about our lives. If we feel down when we wake up, then how will we have the momentum to move forward the fastest time possible in life?

Therefore, Prostate Protocol gives you the essential things to learn to stabilize and balance the hormones that you have right now through the right cultivation of good bacteria inside your gut. Prostate Protocol does this by focusing heavily on the diets that we eat. By doing so, we gain instant access to the things that can boost the count of the good bacteria inside our stomach. Scott Davis excitedly tells us that the protocol that he’s about to show everyone in this simple yet effective reading material can be done by normal people who shop at their local supermarket every day. Most if not all of his dietary recommendations in maintaining healthy gut flora are found in the grocery. There are several useful tips, but the primary mechanism for keeping our beneficial gut flora intact and healthy is in the food we eat.  It has been argued that the typical unhealthy Western diet has reliably destroyed the gut flora that we have right now. Without proper intervention, we may find ourselves without a proper gut flora population that we won’t have the necessary things to continue surviving in peace. After all, the immune system also benefits from these gut bacteria since the chemicals they produce can bring about immune-boosting and anti-pathogenic effects.

Prostate Protocol tells us that by fixing the food we eat, we fix the good bacterial infection inside our gut, thereby fixing the hormonal balance that our body has and shrinking the prostate gland in the process. It’s a sound scientific explanation of the process, but we must admit that it’s pretty general when looked upon from a certain point of view. The Prostate Protocol is indeed something that all people can do, and that simplicity is the key to why it is effective in the first place. However, the Prostate Protocol can also be seen as the Probiotic Protocol simply because of its focus on probiotics instead of the threat. Still, Scott Davis pinpoints the low probiotic population as the root cause of an enlarged prostate, and since probiotics do have a positive effect on hormones, then maybe the Prostate Protocol works after all – as mentioned by the numerous positive Prostate Protocol reviews online.

How many pages does the Prostate Protocol have?

The Prostate Protocol has 165 pages in total. This ebook deals with everything that you need to know about BPH and tips and tricks to speed up the alleviation of the prostate gland enlargement that many men face right now. The Prostate Protocol is a full, in-depth knowledge trove that can give you hours of enjoyment in knowing that you finally have an alternative solution to what you’re going through right now.

How long does it take for a person to read the Prostate Protocol?

It will take you a total of seven (7) hours non-stop to read the Prostate Protocol. Accounting for the breaks within the times you read this book, it might take you around one to two weeks to finish this book – that is, if you read every word in it. The Prostate Protocol is designed to act as an encyclopedia of sorts, a guide that will give you some lessons in reducing the size of your walnut-shaped organ.

Who is the Prostate Protocol for?

The Prostate Protocol is for people who have Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia or BPH. This condition affects many men from ages 50 years old and above. The Prostate Protocol is designed to give you an alternative and a natural way of dealing with an enlarged prostate. It is also for people who want to lessen the risk of having BPH. Therefore, it can be made use of by the younger and older generation alike. Since the Prostate Protocol heavily tackles probiotic health, it’s a program for everyone. 

How does the Prostate Protocol work?

The Prostate Protocol works by:

  • Stabilizing your good gut flora (probiotics)
  • Stabilizing your imbalanced hormones
  • Shrinking your prostate gland to normal size

Stabilizing your good gut flora (probiotics)

This program emphasizes the importance of having a good bacterial population in your gut. Probiotics are some of the best organisms that you can have as partners in your everyday life. Probiotics can aid digestion, prevent bad bacterial outbreaks and infections in the gut, and stabilize hormones. By pumping out the numbers of probiotics inside your gut, you can reliably give your body the boost and defenses it needs to do whatever these microorganisms need to do. Stabilizing the gut flora can also give you several other benefits, but since we’re talking about the process, more good bacteria inside your gut means that your hormones can be fixed faster than usual.

Stabilizing your imbalanced hormones

The primary cause of an enlarged prostate is the imbalance of both testosterone and estrogen. According to studies, more estrogen in a male’s system can trick the body into enlarging the prostate. However, without enough testosterone to combat it, estrogen can run freely in the system and give a person difficulty defining what he is. By stabilizing the imbalanced hormone levels through the cultivation of the gut flora, the prostate gland will begin to shrink to normal size.

Shrinking your prostate gland to normal size

Once the hormones are stabilized, thanks to the stable gut flora, your prostate gland starts to shrink back to when it was when you were 25 years old. The gland shrinks gradually, though, so this process might last around 2 to 3 months, depending on how religiously you follow the protocol, as said in the book itself.

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What are the contents of the Prostate Protocol?

The Prostate Protocol contains several topics that deal with the definition and inner workings of BPH, different natural solutions, and the nutritional plan that deals with the cultivation of the said gut flora that we have been discussing for quite some time now. Therefore, to summarize this section, we can divide the Prostate Protocol content by four so that we can easily pinpoint if this book is really a must-buy or not.

Prostate Protocol Contents include:

  • BPH Overview
  • BPH Specifics
  • Natural Solutions for Prostatic Relief
  • The Plan that Brings it All Together

BPH Overview

In this chapter of the Prostate Protocol, we can see that Scott Davis explains what BPH is and its definition and background. We can see what the typical symptoms of BPH are and what we can expect from a person who has an enlarged prostate in the first place. What’s great about this part of the book is that it teaches you how to diagnose yourself if you indeed have an enlarged prostate or not. It’s a backgrounder of things to come so that you can fully understand that the Prostate Protocol is for everyone, besides the people who are skeptical from the start.

BPH Specifics

Without specifics, this ebook wouldn’t exist. As such, we can see in this section the inner workings of BPH. It has been proven in many studies that BPH can provoke neuro-endocrine disruptions, metabolic instability, and immune system malfunction. These are the cellular mechanisms that underlie BPH. Furthermore, the risk factors of BPH are listed in this chapter, further solidifying the knowledge-giving nature of this book while keeping it short and simple for its readers. Indeed, if one person knows the risk, they will steer away from such a mess so that they can recover faster than they expected in the first place.

Natural Solutions for Prostatic Relief

After understanding BPH and its intricacies, it’s time to absorb what we learned and find a solution catered to shrinking a man’s prostate problems. Most of the plants listed here, albeit natural, should be taken in moderation. There are many natural solutions for BPH relief, with some harnessing the power of vitamins and some getting the right nutrients from plants. Either way, these natural, alternative solutions in giving your prostate the needed support are a welcome addition to the process that we’ve been telling you above. Indeed, if we are to make this work, a balanced diet should be made available daily so that we could buff up our body for future threats to our immune system.

The Plan that Brings it All Together

Now that we have known what BPH is and the potential alternative natural solutions from the start, we move on to this last chapter. The plan that brings it all together is the plan that involves the probiotics doing their job from the start. This plan of cultivating the good bacteria in our small intestines involves a strict diet containing some naturally-made smoothies, tea, and leafy greens. We don’t know what the exact amount should be, so this book is a welcome guide for us to keep things as clear as the noontime sun. With the probiotics getting the nutrients it needs, our hormones become stabilized, and our overall state of health, including the enlarged prostate, will begin to go back to their own, normal healthy selves.

Are the contents of the Prostate Protocol scientifically-based?

Right now, the contents of the Prostate Protocol are all scientifically based. This is because the hormones involved in making our body feel emotions are also responsible for several things. Several organ systems won’t work efficiently without their help. The right levels of hormones reduce the risk of sickness, boost the immune system, and suppress any sign of rapid personality change or depression. Furthermore, a real study from two years has suggested that high estrogen levels in men can indeed produce an enlarged prostate. While high estrogen levels seem to be way over the top, a recent study also shows that people can experience rapid hormonal change and imbalance as they grow up. Prostate Protocol is one ebook program that is based upon science, but like all other alternative sources of information online, it is important that we still take everything with skepticism. Most studies used by Scott Davis regarding the Prostate Protocol are highly debatable in the scientific community, and it is still subject to further research. However, it is a generally accepted fact – they can see that probiotics can do these things, but they are having a hard time looking for the exact process upon which these chemicals bind and help the human body in general.

How long is the Prostate Protocol supposed to work?

Since we deal with diets and real life, the Prostate Protocol is supposed to work in at least two to three months. This process depends on how strict you are with your newfound routine. It all boils down to your commitment to doing the thing that is supposed to keep you happy. As mentioned, the Prostate Protocol is an ebook. As such, one must read, understand, and apply it to make the most out of it. The Prostate Protocol only works if you do as it says. If you don’t really commit to it, but you do it intermittently, you might experience its effects only after 6 months to 1 year.

Who is the author of the Prostate Protocol?

The author of Prostate Protocol is Scott Davis. Little is known about this personality. He is assumed to be a gastroenterologist, a doctor who deals with GI tract problems. However, his specialization on gut flora is the only thing that we know about him, so there’s nothing really that we could say about the author. This is not the same Scott Davis, who is a successful businessman in the UPS. In that matter, it seems that the name “Scott Davis” is a pen name. People usually hide their names to protect themselves. While that is a sound explanation, it doesn’t erase the fact that this move also decreases the book’s credibility in general.

Who is the publisher of the Prostate Protocol?

The publisher of the Prostate Protocol is the Blue Heron Health News. They are an established online publishing site that deals with ebooks with alternative natural health. They have a long list of books coming from four different people, including Scott Davis. Interestingly, the CEO of Blue Heron Health News, Christian Goodman, is not afraid of showing his face on the website. The same goes for two of Davis’ colleagues on the website – Julissa Clay and Jodi Knapp. This must mean that Davis is a one-of-a-kind person that is being chased by someone else. Either way, the Blue Heron Health News gives us some of the most detailed ebooks in alternative natural methods which pertain to almost everything about our body.

How much does the Prostate Protocol cost?

The Prostate Protocol costs $49. This is a one-time payment for the whole ebook. It seems pricey at first, but the benefits of having this book can give you a lifetime of learning with its healthy suggestions. It can also potentially prevent you from getting an enlarged prostate in the first place. With this one-time purchase, you can also receive updates when they roll out for free. The Prostate Protocol is available worldwide. As expected from a digital product, the Prostate Protocol does not need any shipping or handling fee. You can also receive the product as soon as you hit buy since it’s a digital copy. The only problem that you’ll ever need to face is slow download times!

Where can you buy the Prostate Protocol?

You can only buy Prostate Protocol from the Prostate Protocol official website. You cannot buy this ebook elsewhere. As far as we’re concerned, the Prostate Protocol is not seen elsewhere on the internet.  However, if you see a copy of the supplement elsewhere other than the Prostate Protocol website, that copy is fake and is not covered by the publisher’s 60-day money-back guarantee.

According to the Blue Heron Health News, all legitimate copies of the product have a 60-day money-back guarantee upon which if the buyers of this ebook don’t experience any type of positive change after following the steps in the book, then they can ask for a full refund so long as they ask it within 60 days of purchase. That’s at least two months of trying the Prostate Protocol out! If you want to learn more about a top-rated prostate supplement, instead of using this ebook guidance, you can read this review about Prostastream.

Prostate Protocol Reviews

Prostate Protocol reviews are mostly positive for the most part. With the main focus on probiotics, you can expect typical reviews that involve better quality of health in general. But, of course, their prostate glands also shrank after consecutive tests!

Here are some of the Prostate Protocol reviews that we got online:

The Prostate Protocol Reviews Reviewer
Prostate Protocol changed the way I eat. I was highly skeptical at first, but my medications weren’t working, and I had to do something. My late-night trips are getting worse and painful, which is why I looked for alternative solutions to this matter. Thankfully, what I found is not a one-time deal but a treasure trove of knowledge that I can pass to my son and grandson. Fred G.
I tried many things behind the scene. I’m hiding the pain from my loved ones to look strong, but in reality, I am ashamed of how I have become. Imagine their shock when I suddenly turn to healthy food from my typical burgers from Burger King! I just followed Scott’s Prostate Protocol, and it turned out to be fine only about four months into the program Tristan J. 


Prostate Protocol Summary and Verdict

Prostate Protocol is an ebook that inspires men to change their habits for the better. Benign prostatic hyperplasia is a strong contender for men in their yesteryears. It makes the quality of their lives miserable and makes it hard for them to do the things that they love. Scott Davis’ Prostate Protocol aims to change that by giving them the solution of cultivating their gut’s good probiotic bacteria in order to put hormones in equilibrium and thereby promote the shrinking of the prostate gland in the process. While further study is still needed to check if this process really works, it has been observed in many instances. The only thing that the scientists haven’t proved yet is the exact process the probiotics do in our gut to alter our hormones. Seeing is different from understanding, after all!

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