Which DM Services Should You Choose – Organic SEO, Social Media, Or PPC?

There are plenty of ways in which SEO can be implemented in the business. These are Pay-Per-Click Advertising, Social Media Marketing, and Organic Search Engine Optimization. They all come with their own sets of advantages and drawbacks. The right strategy depends on the type of business requirement and goals. 

This article tells you about the features of different strategies to help you make the right decision.

Different types of SEO Strategies

  • White Hat SEO services are accepted worldwide to offer adequate solutions within the parameters, rules, and standards of web management
  • Black Hat enterprises work to optimize the website in any method (ethical or unethical). It makes use of techniques that are not acceptable by the standards of Internet regulations. This SEO strategy is no longer implemented after Google’s Panda Updates got introduced in February 2011. 
  • Since then, ethical SEO services are the only method accepted by Google to offer online visibility to businesses. It accepts only superior quality content. Outdated techniques such as inappropriate backlinking and keyword jamming are banned permanently.
  • Pay per click management is a paid service and not an organic SEO method. It is important for e-commerce. However, it is effective only when used in selective quantities, and limited counts. It is a good way to enhance website sales in the business. 

ACG digital marketing is a trusted provider of digital marketing services that offer managed SEO service to its clients. The company has expertise in implementing a wide range of SEO services effectively. 

Important factors that make an SEO management campaign beneficial

There are a few factors that hold an important role in forming a solid SEO management campaign: 

  • The Architecture of the website
  • Design and Usability
  • Keyword Research and Competitive Analysis
  • Customized Content Development 

Tips for New Businesses or New Ventures

  • get a Content Management System for addition of content, video ad images to the site
  • change your website design from static to dynamic structure. The dependency on web designers restricts the opportunity to stay fluid. It should have a well-defined range of keywords to target
  • More than keywords, opt for a category 

Effective Strategies to Implement SEO Strategies in A Business

  • Choose CSS based Design. It helps spiders to crawl and index/ catalogue the content.
  • Fluid Usability Principles: Study the top websites to find which one has got the maximum traffic. Use competitive research to reverse engineer the results with time.
  • Selection of the right keyword: Choose less/moderately competitive keyword phrases in Google. One of the ways to do this is to find the “exact match” keyword phrases by typing keywords in Google. It will help evaluate the threshold to the competition.

Gradually as the website ages, you can easily target competitive terms. In other words, your content can effectively target keyword phrases with one lakh competing pages.  Along with it, there are a few other considerations such as targeting local, key phrases and less-competitive keywords till you establish traction. 

  • Impeccable Content:  Content holds a lot of importance when it comes to promoting your business online. It helps create user engagement and readership. It is the major attribute that differentiates you from your competitors.
  • Analytics: Ensure that you keep track of the progress of the website to find out information related to: 
    • bounce rate 
    • number of links they clicked 
    • the duration for which visitors remained on the page 
    • where did they go after visiting the website and a few more?


There is no single SEO strategy that would work for all types of businesses. The type of SEO service you choose depends on the type of business you own. Finding appropriate SEO services requires patience, and a continuous vigil to evaluate user engagement and analytics.

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