The Lost Ways 2 Review – July 2021 Review of the Lost Ways Book

Today we have for you the Lost ways 2 review. The Lost Ways Book was one of the bestsellers in the survival space. So when the Lost Ways 2 was released, there was a lot of buzz about it. But just like everything else on the internet, all you get to see is advertisements.

There’s no real information out there about what’s included in the book and whether or not it is worth your attention and hard earned money. We too were very intrigued by the Lost Ways 2 adverts. The fact that we had purchased the first iteration called ‘The Lost Ways’ made us all the more eager, because that book was an absolute beast. We still use that Pemmican recipe. 

So we readily subscribed to the Lost Ways 2 and today we are going to review it in detail for you. Please note that ours is probably the only legitimate review on the Lost Ways 2 that you will find on the internet. The rest are just glorified adverts that show you an overview. 

Let’s dive in.

What is the Lost Ways 2? 

The Lost Ways 2 written by Claude Davis (Self-learnt Prepper at & co-author of Lost Book of Remedies with Dr. Nicole Apelian) is a 413-page survival guide that’s available in both digital and paperback versions. You have to select one of these choices at the time of checkout. 

The paperback is pretty heavy, but handy during travel when you cannot use your cellphone or your iPad for obvious reasons. 

The first iteration, called the Lost Ways was 319 pages, if we remember correctly. So this one has a lot more information for you. 

What information does it cover? 

The Lost Ways 2 aims to pick up from where they left off in The Lost Ways. The book can largely be divided into 13 sections. 

Making Charcoal and its uses 

Charcoal is a terribly underrated outdoor tool that has a plethora of uses. Claude shows us how to make up to 6-10 pounds of charcoal that is devoid of any chemical additives, by making your own clamp. This is followed up with some of the applications of charcoal, including making activated charcoal, making a gas mask, using it to filter water (very effective at removing odor and taste), and making an impromptu charcoal pills or capsules for minor stomach discomfort. 


Lard is the superfood that’s been always there, right in front of our eyes. But we refuse to acknowledge the potential uses. Claude speaks about how Lard has helped civilizations survive. How it was a cooking staple before vegetable oil took over. There’s a very handy guide on how to render lard and preserve it for up to a year. 

Edible Plants that can help you survive the wild

We preppers are a rare breed. We probably have more outdoor skills than a US marine. That said, if there’s one thing that the outdoors teaches us, then it is the fact that we can never really be too prepared can we? There are countless occasions when we have been caught unaware and our game meat traps were dead empty for 4 days. It was plants that helped us tide through those days, although we lost a fair bit of energy. Claude has about 100 pages dedicated to edible plants that can prove to be lifesaving if you ever get lost outdoors or are unable to hunt. 

Preserving Meat For a Year Without Refrigeration

In a SHTF scenario, you definitely wont have access to modern luxuries like a refrigerator, will you? Good old E Coli though, will definitely be around. Claude shows you how you can preserve your meat for up to a year. 

Sharpening your knives like the Samurais did

Now, this sounded gimmicky to us. But we actually tried it out and you’d be surprised at the results. Claude goes into real detail with it too. He walks us through Shitagi Togi and Shiaji Togi, until we are left with a shiny, blinding-sharp blade. 

Building a Log Cabin the Old Fashioned Way

This is probably one of the most interesting things covered in the Lost Ways 2. Claude show you how you can set up a log cabin from ground up without access to complex tools and machinery. There’s a case study too that shows you the personal experience of someone who made this using the exact same method. 

The Inca Survival Food

Did you know that the Incan civilization used food preservation to help them last droughts and famines? Claude shows you how you can create a lost Incan recipe to make an energy-rich superfood that can last for a year or more. 

Some of the other chapters in the Lost Ways 2 are – 

  • Digging a well for fresh water
  • Deer Hunting Advanced Strategies
  • Building a Native American Bow & Arrow and using it to hunt
  • Preserving Deer Meat
  • Making a Lost Samurai Superfood
  • Making Sausages from the meat you preserve & smoking them

As you can see, there’s a lot of information in the Lost Ways 2, that was lacking in the first iteration, called the Lost Ways. 


What was the information in the Lost Ways 1? 

The Lost Ways 1 was a different book altogether. Here’s an overview of what it included. 

  • The Most Important Thing
  • Making Your Own Beverages: Beer to Stronger Stuff
  • Ginger Beer: Making Soda the Old Fashioned Way
  • How North American Indians and Early Pioneers Made Pemmican
  • Spycraft: Military Correspondence During The 1700’s to 1900’s
  • Wild West Guns for SHTF and a Guide to Rolling Your Own Ammo
  • How Our Forefathers Built Their Sawmills, Grain Mills, and Stamping Mills
  • How Our Ancestors Made Herbal Poultice to Heal Their Wounds
  • What Our Ancestors Were Foraging For? or How to Wildcraft Your Table
  • How Our Ancestors Navigated Without Using a GPS System
  • How Our Forefathers Made Knives
  • How Our Forefathers Made Snow shoes for Survival
  • How North California Native Americans Built Their Semi-subterranean Roundhouses
  • Our Ancestors’ Guide to Root Cellars
  • Good Old Fashioned Cooking on an Open Flame
  • Learning from Our Ancestors How to Preserve Water
  • Learning from Our Ancestors How to Take Care of Our Hygiene When There Isn’t Anything to Buy
  • How and Why I Prefer to Make Soap with Modern Ingredients
  • Temporarily Installing a Wood-Burning Stove during Emergencies
  • Making Traditional and Survival Bark Bread…….
  • Trapping in Winter for Beaver and Muskrat Just like Our Forefathers Did
  • How to Make a Smokehouse and Smoke Fish
  • Survival Lessons From The Donner Party

 In case you want to check that one out instead, you can do that over here. 


What bonuses are included with the Lost Ways 2? 

The Lost Ways 2 comes with two bonus eBooks, which are only available if you buy it from the official website by the way. The only reason I mentioned this is because a lot of people look for used copies on eBay and Amazon. Not only are those copies outdated, there’s a good chance that you will not receive the bonuses which you should be. 

Bonus 1 – 43 Things You Must Have Ready Before an EMP

Bonus 2 – How To Become Self-Sufficient On 4 Acres Of Land. Learn how to maximize the productivity of this land. How to grow food, preserve it, hunt and protect it from intruders with weapons you make. 

Are there any Lost Ways 2 Complaints? 

Are there any products on the internet that people are 100% satisfied with? No, there aren’t. That answers your question. There will always be a disgruntled prepper bragging about how he already knew most of the stuff covered in the Lost Ways Second Edition.

Some people claim that there are better books out there than this. Could it be true? Possibly yes. But is this a great book that’s completely worth every dime you spend on it? Absolutely. Besides, if you don’t like it, you can always get a refund. Don’t forget that. 

How does the 60-Day Money Back Guarantee Work?

The Lost Ways Book is covered by a 60-day unconditional Money-Back Guarantee. In case you don’t like the book for some reason, or you feel that the information contained within is not worth the price, you can click on the refund button in your purchase email. 

It will take you to a page where you answer a few simple questions and you get a full refund. No questions asked. 


Who can use the Lost Ways Second Edition?

The Lost Ways Second Edition is quite popular amongst preppers and hardcore survivalists, if you check out messaging boards and the likes. So even veterans who probably are well versed with every survival bible out there are giving it the thumbs up. 

Having said that, here’s an ideal demographic that would love this book

  • Prepping and survival enthusiasts
  • Outdoor enthusiasts
  • Beginners in outdoor skills
  • Moderate to expert outdoor skillsets
  • Willing to learn ancient survival skills without depending on modern tools and machines
  • Willing to haul timber, sharpen weapons, hunt with bare minimum weapons, cure and preserve meat
  • Willing to learn how to identify edible herbs and plants
  • Looking to spend some elbow grease learning these methods

That’s not exhaustive. But it’s pretty close. 

What does it cost?

The Lost Ways Second Edition is available at $37 for a limited time, which is almost 80% less than what we bought it for when it was released. 

However, the 80% discount rarely lasts for more than 5-6 days. So if you want to avail of this, we recommend that you do it now.


To Sum it Up

We really liked the Lost Ways 2 and it’s been a great addition to our collection of Survival Guides. We feel that this review really explains what it is all about and allows you to make an objective choice while choosing it.

In case you wish to activate the 80% Discount Coupon, click here. 



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