Top Tips To Buy The Right Chandelier That Provides A Soft Glow In Your Bedroom

The atmosphere in your bedroom is very different from the living room. While a living room calls for bright, illuminated, and focused lighting, a bedroom light needs to create more calmness in the air that makes you want to stay there for longer. 

Too bright bedroom lights would prevent you from getting a goodnight’s rest. Experts say that excessive stimulation half an hour before our sleeping time affects our sleep cycle and prevents us from going into deep sleep. Lack of good sleep eventually affects our mental and physical health. 

Therefore, choosing the right bedroom chandelier is very important. At Sofary, all your needs are taken into consideration before their artisans create chandeliers for lighting various aspects of your life and different rooms of your house. The function of a chandelier in the bedroom is to create ambient lighting to set the mood for rest and create a comfortable atmosphere. 

Sizing the chandelier for the bedroom in the right way

There are two aspects to placing a chandelier in the bedroom. You can either center the chandelier about the room or the bed. You will first have to choose one of these fashion appeals before we can determine the right size for the lighting fixture. 

  1. Chandelier centered in the room:
  • This chandelier generally hangs at the foot of your bed. 
  • The chandelier diameter, in this case, can be determined by a simple formula. 
  • Convert the total number of feet when the length and width of a room are added together into inches and it’s that simple, you have got the idea for an approximate diameter for the chandelier you can hang. 
  • The height however should be about 7 feet above ground level.
  • 2.Chandelier centered above the bed:
  • The size of the bed will determine the size of the chandelier in this case. 
  • A queen-sized bed needs a smaller about 24 inches’ diameter chandelier to perfectly align with its ambiance. 
  • A larger-sized bed, however, would require about a 36-inch diameter chandelier to be able to perfectly harmonize with the king-size bed.
  • You will also need to adjust the height of the lighting fixture so that it is not too low over the center of the bed. 

Now that you are ready with the exact measurements of the chandelier for your bedroom, let’s explore some lighting ideas for the master bedroom of your house:

  • The use of stylish pendant light would save space and make your bedroom appear larger. 
  • Floor lamps are ideal to create a space to sit, relax, and read your favorite book in the comfort of your bedroom. 
  • Use recessed ceiling lights to provide a soft glow to the room while you prepare yourself for a night’s sleep. 
  • If your bedroom is a tiny one with a twin or queen bed, using wall scones will save a lot of space making the room look more spacious. 
  • You can also match the color and patterns on the bedside lamp with your bed covers to create a more harmonious yet colorful atmosphere. 

At last, ensure that any light you use in the bedroom has a dim light feature so that the room is not brightly illuminated before your sleep time. 

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