Are you being dragged down  by the thought of not maximizing the use of your iPhone? Don’t know if you will be able to achieve it? Don’t worry. You will find useful information on how to use your iPhone and the importantce of keeping it in a belt pouch in this article.

Use the headphone cord to help you take pictures. It can be difficult to take a picture that is in focus if you are pushing a button that is on the touch screen. Instead, push the cord’s button; the slight movement will not affect your iPhone at all, allowing you to take an angle perfect and clear photograph.

Take advantage of the weather function on the iPhone to get a grasp of the forecast for the next week. This function allows you to select the specific town that you live in along with other areas that can help you get a better idea of weather in a particular area.

Take full advantage of the video function in the camera section of your iPhone. This allows you to take high-quality videos of up to a minute long into your phone. When you are completed with your video, you can go to the photographs section and replay or send the video to a friend.

The iPhone battery runs down quickly. Particularly, if you use your phone a lot, you may find yourself feeling helpless if the device dies right when you need it. Get in the habit of keeping it plugged into an electrical outlet whenever you can; this will help make sure the battery is charged up during the day.

In addition to countless other amazing features, it is important to note the iPhone’s ability to be used as a portable e-reader. Because it is possible to download individual books as well as applications containing literary anthologies of virtually every description, you can conveniently carry your favorite classics or the latest best-seller everywhere you travel.

When typing a URL in your iPhone’s Safari browser, you can hold down the “. com” button at the bottom of the keyboard to bring up a list that contains other domain suffixes. To choose one, just glide your finger over them and release when the appropriate suffix is highlighted.

Many people use the camera on the iPhone. Taking a lot of pictures, though, can leave you with many unorganized photos. The iPhone features an album option in the picture gallery that will allow you to organize your photos for ease of access. This can help you locate a specific picture much quicker.

If you are not happy with the current settings of your iPhone, you can reset everything to the default settings that your phone came with in the first place. This can be found under the general section under settings, and will help you to start fresh if you did something that you did not want.


If you travel with kids a lot, an iPhone holster can be beneficial to you. Always keep your phone with you and reachable for cases like having an emergecy or by simple drawing your iphone from your smartphone holster to hand of to the kids while driving to keep them occupied specially on long car trips. This can help keep them happy and out of your hair.

If your iphone gets wet, it may not be ruined. Gently towel dry the device. Do not turn it on or use heat or wind to dry it out. Instead, place it in a baggie with some white rice, and leave it for several hours. The rice will absorb any moisture that is inside your iphone. To better avoid your phone from getting wet, dusted, scratched or any form of damage an iPhone holsters can help prevents them. 

Assign common numbers their own vibrations and rings. If you’re someone who keeps their iphone on them at work or you simply receive a lot of calls, pulling out your phone form your smartphone holster is really convenient when checking to see who’s calling can be a real hassle. To save time, customize ringtones for individuals. You’ll know without looking whether you want to even bother answering.

Professionals who bill multiple clients based on an hourly rate or fractional hourly rate often find it difficult to keep track of work performed while on the go. By taking advantage of available time keeping and billing applications and always having your phone with you using a cellphone holster with belt clip, it is possible for the iPhone to serve as the ultimate solution to the problem of maintaining accurate work records for the purpose of generating revenue.

Use your music section of your iPhone to create a full fledged music library for work or school. This can link directly to the iTunes on your computer, where you can download your favorite music onto your phone. Additionally, you can shuffle or repeat some of the songs that you enjoy the most on your iPhone while keeping it safe and easy to reach using an iPhone Holster.

If you work or go to school, make sure that your iPhone is set to vibrate to reduce the chances that you will cause a disruption. You can do this by going into the settings in the sound’s section and turn to vibrate from on to off on your iPhone for a practical way to receive messages or calls but to make sure that you will not miss a single notification or call, keep them with you by using a smartphone holster. 


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Since you’ve read the above article, you ought to feel more secure getting and making use of an iPhone. It’s time to make your first iphone purchase. Utilize the information learned and you will have it mastered in no time.

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