Is Teds Woodworking Legit?

You’re like many other woodworking enthusiasts who are wondering whether or not Teds woodworking is legit. Well, there’re a lot of dubious facts and I’m going to reveal them to you today in this Teds Woodworking review.
Whether you’re a seasoned woodworker or a newbie, every woodworking project requires a definite plan. Just like you need a good roadmap before starting a journey, you must have a good woodworking plan before cutting boards. Without one, you’d get lost in the process and would be unable to accomplish the product you envisioned.
That’s where woodworkers stumble upon such products as Teds woodworking. It’s a catalog of 16,000 DIY plans, projects, and patterns that you can follow while on your woodworking venture.
Here are some issues that I found while examining the product and using plans for my recent projects. You need to look at various angles before jumping to a conclusion. In the end, you can decide for yourself whether it’s worth the investment or is a scam to be avoided.

Who is Ted McGrath? – Is he real?

Let’s start with the author. Do you think Ted McGrath is a real person? Absolutely – NOT

The picture you see on the catalog cover is an avatar. He’s just a model or someone like we see in an advertisement endorsing products and services. Only this might be the sticking point but that’s what we see these days in most businesses on the internet. The owner or the publisher wants to maintain their privacy, and rightly so.
Even domain registrars are offering features to hide the personal or contact information of the domains. The same stands true for the domain of Teds woodworking. You can verify for yourself through Namecheap as most of the information is hidden.

What about the AWI membership?  

At this stage, you might be wondering if Ted is an avatar so how do they get the AWI Membership. Well, to your surprise, there’s no such name as Ted McGrath in the searchable member directory of AWI. But that doesn’t mean the author or the owner of Teds Woodworking isn’t a member of AWI.
Apart from being an integrity issue, such redacted privacy is not something new in the online industry today. People use to do business online with companies in a similar manner. They won’t expect customers to check their claims.

Clickbank representation – Your investment is still safe though.

That’s where you’d rather say – who gives a crap when Clickbank is there to safeguard your money. Well, that’s certainly true. With ClickBank’s straightforward refund policy, you are playing safe.
But even if you get your money back, affiliates manage to pocket a hefty amount by referring to the product.
That’s why I feel for a lot of people who just rave about the program but don’t seem to know much about the actual work.

Download Structure – A big mess

When you’re on a woodworking project, you need guides and instructions at the right time. But what I felt annoying about Teds woodworking, is the way files are structures in compressed folders. You feel like lost the moment you access files on Teds woodworking.

Just reach one file and you’re flooded with more than thousands of plans for review. What I believe is that the moment a company finds a plan, they just put it one above the other. That’s how things keep piling up without an order or a sequence.

That’s where the find control sequence comes to your rescue. Just pull the option up in the program, search for a specific word, and boom!

You can locate the items much easier while dealing with hundreds of different plans on the same file.

Who is controlling the customer services and what about my refund?

If you’re thinking of buying this catalog, fact that that offers an iron-clad refund, think twice. Because a lot of customers are complaining that the refund does not always come through as expected.

Besides, Teds Woodworking also has a dedicated page to negotiate with anyone for the DMCA and licensing complaints. That’s because you can also find items free on the internet that are in the program.

The bottom Line

Now that you have the full picture about Teds Woodworking, it’s time for the verdict. Although the plans has some issues as I just explained above. But if you’re among sawdust loving community, these plans can give you an amazing start.

If you look at the number 16,000, not all plans are pearls. A lot of plan files are just fillers to boost the number. But in between, you will find a handful of plans that make it a reasonable investment for DIY enthusiasts and seasoned woodworkers.

Yes, the files are not structured properly and you do have to deal with some mess. But at the end of the day, the product you can make out of such plans is what makes Teds Woodworking a practical investment for sawdust lovers.