Procrastination; And How To Get Rid Of It

We have all procrastinated at least once in our lifetimes, if not more. We have all been there. We have faced similar scenarios, but only some of us searched on what it is and how to get rid of it. If you’re one of the lucky few who have realized that your feeling of “not getting the work done” despite having the time for it is procrastination, there’s good news for you. There are ways to get rid of it.

To eradicate procrastination from yourself, you need to gauge your everyday schedule or simply your number of hours worked. That way, you’ll understand if it’s chronic (long-term) procrastination or acute (short-term) procrastination. Then, once you have confirmed that you are slacking on your working hours, we can get to the antidotes, which will aid in getting rid of procrastination.

Get to work

The quickest and easiest way to stop procrastinating is to get started on the task at hand. For this, you can set a time limit to work for yourself, perhaps with a rewarding game. For example, you make yourself work for as little as 5 minutes and reward yourself with chocolate for doing so. The initial time is the hardest to get over, but once you reach the threshold energy to start the work, you’ll notice you automatically will keep going.

Keep your energies under check

Every one of us has mental and physical energy levels. Unfortunately, these levels are constantly fluctuating, and this is what you need to understand about yourself. If you do not have the energy for the task assigned, check whether your mental or physical battery is down. If you’re physically tired, resort to sleeping for a while, eating, or working out a bit. If there’s something mentally bothering you and not letting you work, you can try to clear it out or talk to someone you trust about it. When you do so, your battery may get back to optimal levels, and you’ll be back to work in no time.

Overcome the reasons behind your procrastination

Procrastination, more accurately, chronic procrastination has roots. Majorly these roots consist of a plethora of fears one might have. Such as the fear of failing; if you’re afraid that you might fail at the task, you may not even get started on it. Although one needs to know that this fear is perfectly normal, winning or losing is a part of life. Therefore, it’s okay to have it until it doesn’t stop you from doing your routine tasks. Another reason for procrastination is setting too high standards for oneself; when our efforts do not meet these standards or expectations, we seem to procrastinate or quit the job entirely.

In a nutshell, life will go on, and if you want to succeed in life, you should never resort to procrastination. However, if you have detected procrastination in your everyday tasks, start checking why that is so. If you do catch yourself procrastinating, though, apply the three solutions above to get rid of it.

Good luck!