Raihan Ahmed Shanto – The Living Iconic Freelancer for Bangladeshi Youth Generation.

Freelancing can change the quality of life of people daily and make people supportive. The youth society is getting different ideas and methods of earning money; it earns thousands of foreign currencies. Anyone can make more money through freelancing in a short time, but he must be skilful, patient and worth the time. A successful freelancer gets a touch of success by sacrificing various aspects of his life.

Raihan Ahammed Shanto, a successful freelancer, through which the current youth society is finding various means of development and earning money. He is the CEO of rabbiitfirm. Adequate experience and skills are required to run an IT firm, which exists in its entirety.

Freelancing Career

Raihan Ahammed Shanto started his freelancing career a few years ago with the help of his elder brother. Despite having no idea about freelancing initially, he gradually mastered the subject of freelancing with the help of his elder brother; going through the various stages of freelancing and stepping into different jobs, he has made his freelancing career strong & unbeatable. He established himself as the CEO of IT firm named rabbiitfirm and became the owner of shantoitfirm by his hard work & legacy.

Building a Freelancing Career is by no means an easy task. No one can build a freelancing career without patience and hard work. Of course, building a freelancing career requires guidance; without guidance, you will never be able to choose the right path and fail to build a career.

Personal Life

Raihan Ahammed Shanto is an Honors student in his personal life who is studying Physics at Mawlana Bhasani University of Science and Technology. He was born and raised in Madhupur, Tangail. He is famous for a variety of social development work and his freelance career overall. 

In real life, he plays a vital role in the development of society and reduces the unemployment rate. He has helped countless young people in his area and at his university engage in various freelancing activities and help them build their careers. So that by earning foreign money, i.e. through freelancing, many young people can bring back their financial security, and the unemployment rate can be reduced.

Vision & Mission

Every human being adopts different approaches to reach his goal, and after reaching the goal, he has different visions and missions. Only through them does he get the opportunity to benefit people and stand by everyone.

  • Advanced and modern living: The main goal of every human being is to build a career and earn money to live an advanced and modern life. All of them form and stick to all his activities based on the mentioned subject.
  • Unemployment: Freelancing has become one of the means of livelihood for many people. Through which he is playing a vital role in solving the unemployment problem of the country.
  • Social development activities: He plays a vital role in various social development activities, especially standing by the helpless people, which is one of his best hobbies.
  • Development of the country’s economic system: Through IT firms, much foreign exchange is entering the country every day. Through which the overall economic system of the country is developing. That is, indirectly and directly, he is turning the wheel of the country’s economy and helping.

All these are the visions and missions of Raihan Ahammed Shanto. He is ready to play his role correctly in all country’s economic sectors, starting from eliminating unemployment. In this short life of 21 years, he is playing an essential role in the country’s economy; it is hoped that in the next life, he will play a significant role in the overall development of the country in many more ways. He is maintaining his own IT firm, named shantoitfirm, at this young age. In youth society, he is an idol, a role model for career formation, at the centre of which many young people form their dreams daily and try their best to implement them.


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