Chillbox Portable AC Reviews: Is it Any Good?

For those who don’t have windows with single or double hungs, or for those whose guest rooms aren’t frequently used, a portable air conditioner can be very helpful.

Window air conditioners are always better than portable ones. A/C units in windows are more energy-efficient in addition to offering better performance and lower installation and operating costs. A portable air conditioner, on the other hand, is easy to transport, less expensive than a window unit, can be used in rental properties, and can be stored easily.

We tested 12 models and consulted with three experts to determine the best portable air conditioners. According to our tests, we find that Chillbox Air Cooler units perform very well and have useful features that justify their price, and are designed to maintain a cool temperature in appropriately-sized rooms.

Having such a small footprint, it is a fascinating piece of machinery designed to fight the heat efficiently. Additionally, with a relatively lower price tag, Chillbox Desktop Air Conditioner might be one of your best bets against the summer heat this year. So, here is our full review of the Chillbox Air Cooler. We cover everything this little box does from its ins and outs to its importance in the modern era.

Compared to a conventional air conditioner, Chillbox Air Cooler takes up less space and weighs nothing. Additionally, it is highly energy-efficient, and it keeps you cool during a time of extreme weather. While it is obvious that you will need an air conditioner in your home, paying for electricity bills can be costly.

For those who have not seen Chillbox Air Cooler or heard of it, they may be skeptical about investing their money in it. This is a comprehensive Chillbox Air Cooler review, discussing everything from design to pricing and discounts available. 

What is Chillbox Ultra Portable Desktop AC?

A portable air cooling device like the Chillbox Air Cooler is easy to use and highly energy-efficient. If you are single and travel much, buying a room air conditioner may be a waste of time when you have access to portable devices. Additionally, you shouldn’t spend hundreds of dollars on air conditioners when you could easily save them all.

Its design is built upon the evaporation technique, and it has two settings; fan and cooler. Its installation and usage requirements are even simpler than those of conventional room air conditioners, since it does not require the typical maintenance that other air conditioners do. You can choose any that you want or keep on changing them according to your usage. This AC also features an air purifier that clears the air of pollutants, such as dust and allergens. Last of all, it is completely quiet, and you will not even feel that you have a cooling system around you.

The manufacturers claim that the installation of Chillbox Air Cooler is extremely straightforward, and you can take it out of the box, adjust a few things, and start using it right away. It is attached to an electrical switch and requires no professional skills to ‘install’ it.

Lastly, Chillbox Desktop AC Ultra has great portability and quick and easy air cooling settings. Because of this portability, you can take it pretty much anywhere from your workspace to your bedroom, wherever you need cool air. The air cooling settings mean that you can change and adjust the temperature as you may like. The purifier effect cleans this cool air from dirt and other particles that may cause an allergic reaction otherwise.

Chillbox Desktop AC Ultra is available at a discounted price right now, as well as a refund policy. Now is the time to put your comfort first and invest your money into something that keeps you cool this summer.

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How Does It (Chillbox Air Cooler) Work?

Additionally, Chillbox Air Cooler’s simplicity and minimalistic design is one of its pluses. It uses the traditional cooling system, such as cold water, and cooling trays to preserve ice cubes inside, making the air cool. 

Opening the box with the AC inside will reveal a small and compact device with an ice cube tray. On the front, it has many settings that you can adjust to your liking. The intensity of the cool air can be raised or decreased depending on temperature or personal tolerance.

On a hot day, when you can’t stand the heat, adjust the fan on the lowest setting and enjoy the cool air it blows into you. However, on less hot days, you can choose an option between high and low speed.

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to install your Chillbox Air Cooler.

  1. Put your Chillbox Air Cooler unit on a solid, flat surface. It ought to meet your level so that you can enjoy the wind blowing in your direction. Also, search for an electrical outlet nearby where you would connect your AC unit.
  2. After that, take out the wires and plug the power adapter into the small port on the AC. Use the plug to enter the outlet, but do not turn it on yet.
  3. Disconnect the water curtain from the drawer-like structure, dip it in cold water, and then replace it from where it was removed.
  4. Choose the settings and turn on the Chillbox Air Cooler. Allow the cool air to blow on you. Some people suggest using crushed ice or ice cubes here.

What is Included in Chillbox Air Cooler?

The three main components of Chillbox Air Cooler work as follows. The details of those three components are as follows.

  • The ice tray

A cold air may be desirable, and this part allows you to add ice cubes that help cool the air, making it chillier and more enjoyable for you. Those who prefer extremely cold air do not deserve a cooling source, which is why this ice tray is helpful.

  • Water curtain

This air cooler has its own water curtains that help to cool the air even more. It works like the way you fill an ice tray with cold water. Once they are moist, the wind passes through these curtains, which is cool.

  • Air filters

With its air filters installed inside, Chillbox Air Cooler design ensures that the air you are getting is free of contaminants, allergens, and dust.

On Chillbox Desktop AC Ultra’s official website, read reviews from its users who praise its minimalist design and simplicity of use. Click here to read more.

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What Makes Personal Air Coolers Better than the Typical Choices?

Compared to a personal air conditioner, room air conditioners offer advantages that make them distinct from other air conditioners. Essentially, both do the same thing, and how you use them is mostly dependent upon your personal usage. A comparison between the two shows that the portable AC has more benefits since it is handy, cost-effective, and requires no professional help.

Here are some more differences between personal air coolers and conventional air-cooling units to help you decide.


  • You cannot install an air conditioning unit by yourself, but it isn’t necessary to hire an electrician.

Installing a room unit needs at least a professional installation. This is the first distinctive difference between these two types of air conditioners. The personal Chillbox air cooler does not require a transport service or a professional person to come and set it up for you. It also saves time and money.

After taking the Chillbox Air Cooler out of the box, you can use it right away via the above instructions. But don’t be fooled by its space-saving size. The company brings it right to your doorstep, making it even easier for customers to choose it. 

  • The room air conditioner unit requires maintenance, whereas the Chillbox Air Cooler is maintenance-free.

There are two types of maintenance: the preventive maintenance and the fix type. Preventative maintenance is done first when the AC shows a problem. This preventive maintenance helps the machines to run at their total capacity and save energy.

The regular maintenance of the air conditioner requires professional assistance to clean the blades, oils, and other parts. Despite looking like a ‘simple task,’ you cannot do it on your own and may need an extra helping hand that can cost extra. Moreover, you may be charged a fee on each maintenance visit.

This is not what you experience when you use Chillbox Air Cooler. It requires no maintenance, no cleaning, nor professional help. Even the filters can be cleaned easily without calling a repairman at home. You can clean it every other day to protect it from dust and other particles. It also benefits to speak directly to the manufacturer instead of seeking out a local mechanic if your personal air coolers start malfunctioning. That’s why portable air coolers like Chillbox AC are a better choice than room air conditioners.

  • You can’t move the room air conditioner but you can take a person AC with you.

Air conditioning units in the rooms are usually fixed, which means the cool air can only be available to you if you are in the same room. If you want to work or sleep, you need to set up everything in that room with air conditioning.

The Chillbox Air Cooler, on the other hand, can be carried anywhere you go. From your office to the kitchen, and finally at night, it can be used anywhere. Even if you are traveling, you can use it during your journey in case there is no air conditioner available.

This study suggests that the personal air cooler improves the lifestyle, but does not cost a user a lot. However, the choice of which one to install is still a matter of personal preference. 

  • The room air conditioner is expensive, and the personal air cooler is affordable.

Even if you buy a brand-new room air conditioner or a used one, it’s a big investment that will shake your budget. It’s hard to deny that air conditioners are very costly purchases, and that there is no affordable option when it comes to room air conditioners. If you need it, there is no other way of getting it except paying all that money. Despite offers from companies like these, they are still unaffordable even after the discount.

Portable Chillbox Air Cooler, on the other hand, is inexpensive and is available for a limited time at a great price. Also, if you plan on using a portable charger, the difference in the bill is almost avoidable if you are using AC.

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Maintenance Cost of Chillbox Air Cooler

You can clean and maintain it yourself, like other air conditioners, every 15-20 days. The only precaution is when using the water curtain, which requires a replacement every other month.

Chillbox Desktop AC Ultra Pros and Cons

Here are a few quick facts about the Chillbox Air Cooler that have the ability to make it a worthwhile investment.

Pros – Best About It

  • A high-quality, innovative, and portable device
  • Easy to move and small size
  • No professional installation is necessary.
  • Simple maintenance that doesn’t cost extra
  • Protection for health
  • There is no noise, buzz, or vibration
  • Two in one, AC plus air purifier

Cons – Worst About It

  • The official site is the only place it is available online.
  • You cannot buy this on Amazon or eBay.
  • No local ships are carrying this product.
  • It is suitable for only one person.
  • Only a limited amount of stock is available

Where & How to Buy Chillbox Air Cooler? 

If you have decided to try this handy air conditioner, you will be relieved to know that you should not go shopping for it. All orders of Chillbox Air Cooler can be placed on the official website directly. This is the official website link to purchase Chillbox Air Cooler!

There are many options to buy a Chillbox air cooler. For example, you can:

  • Purchase one Chillbox Air Cooler for $89.99 (original price $138.45) plus delivery charges of $8.90.
  • You can purchase two Chillbox Air Coolers for $179.99 (original price $276.89) plus shipping charges ($9.95 only).
  • You’ll pay $202.48 for three units (original price $415.34), which includes delivery costs of $10.96 only.
  • Buy four AC units for $247.47 (original price $553.78) plus delivery charge ($11.95).

It may have occurred to you that buying one Chillbox air cooler unit is actually more costly than purchasing two, three, or four units. When you buy products in bulk, the company offers discounts, but delivery charges are slightly higher. Comparing these prices will reveal that buying four Chillbox Air Cooler units will cost you almost $61.80, and buying one costs you $89.99.

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You will save nearly $30 per unit if you buy four units of Chillbox Desktop AC. Share these devices with friends, colleagues, or loved ones or pool in to buy a bundle and save money on individual payment. 

With a large family, where everyone likes to spend alone time, the bulk purchase will meet everyone’s needs. It is not likely that you will find Chillbox Desktop AC at local stores, and there are no chances that you can purchase it from unauthorized sellers. 

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Chillbox Air Cooler Refund Policy

You can return your money to the company if you do not enjoy Chillbox Air Cooler. Your money is safe with the company, and you can return it if you are disappointed. In order to receive your order value back, minus shipping fees that are irreversible, you need to return the AC back to the company.

If you bought it from Amazon or any local store except for the official website, money-back offers are only valid on orders placed through the official website. If you bought it from Amazon or any local store, it will not be refunded by the company.

For a refund, you can write directly to the customer care team at with your contact details and order number. Once the Chillbox air cooler is received, your refund request will be initiated. The company has full rights to accept or reject any refund request on any basis.

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Here are the common questions that are asked about this super handy and compact air cooling unit. Know these answers before making your final decision on Chillbox Air Cooler.

  • What is the right time to change its water curtains?

Chillbox Air Cooler water curtains should be changed every few weeks or months according to your usage. These curtains can last a long time if used only occasionally. The Water Curtains will need changing after 1 month when you are a daily user of this portable AC. 

  • Is Chillbox Air Cooler easy on ears?

Astonishingly, the Chillbox Air Cooler is quite quiet while on charge or when used at its highest speed. It is almost inaudible when at its highest speed.

  • How much electricity can you save by using a Chillbox Air Cooler?

Portable air conditioners are designed so as to save energy and time. Like the Chillbox Air Cooler, it has an energy-conserving plan called ‘evaporation technology.’ This type of technology uses moisture to turn dry air into fresh, cool, and breezy air.

  • Can you find Chillbox Air Cooler at Amazon and Walmart?

Only at the official website can you buy this personal portable AC, and your order will be delivered to your home. You cannot buy the Chillbox Air Cooler from Amazon, Walmart, etc.

  • What are the installation charges of Chillbox Air Cooler?

Chillbox Air Cooler requires no professional help or skills for installation. It is the more economical option to switch to a portable air conditioner like this instead of a room air conditioner.

  • How many Chillbox Air Cooler Units do you need?

One Chillbox Air cooler is enough for one person. But if you live with your partner, family, or friends, it would be far more desirable for them to each have their own individual air cooler. One Chillbox air cooler is such a tiny device that sharing it is practically impossible.

Final Verdict

In essence, the Chillbox Air Cooler is a very innovative and portable device that is easy to move and carry. It is a very cost-effective device and allows you to save hundreds of dollars from the electric bill. It is a portable device that you can take anywhere in a matter of minutes, but it is only effective for one person.

You can stop using this air after a few days if you don’t like it. Here are some options. Get in touch with the customer service line and let them know of your concern. Expect a refund of the entire value of your order if it is unhelpful. This means you will lose nothing by trying Chillbox Air Cooler. 

We recommend the Chillbox Air Cooler if central air is not available or window AC is not an option. It’s the quietest and most efficient unit we have tested out of more than a dozen.

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