SolarBright Flood Light Reviews – [2021] A Heavy-Duty Industrial Light For Brightening Your Night Out!

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SolarBright Flood Light is an industrial solar light with a huge battery that runs all night with a battery. The light contains 100 fantastic bright LEDs that are durable and weatherproof.

It is one of the main needs of every household, with no electricity usage. It saves your electric power and hence costs you the least energy bills. It is a solar-based floodlight that is charged full day and starts working the minute you turn it on.

As compared to the traditional LEDs, it only takes solar light to be fully charged. The battery inside the light sets well-arranged to save energy for the whole night.

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In order for you to have a cost-effective solution for your outdoor lights, the SolarBright Flood Light is an efficient way to light up. Just a one-time charge may let them light up for a longer time period. It does not need any kind of system installation, or wiring to be adjusted, as long as these are an eco-friendly source of energy.

What are the options you have in front of you to install LED with low energy consumptions?

Well, you might have several ways to light up your garden or gate outside, but it won’t be a cost-saving idea for you. so, you just need an economical yet profitable way to light up the night outside.

SolarBright Flood Light is a worthwhile and economical way out for you to consider. One package contains 2 SolarBright Flood Lights that are ready to use once you unbox them. The box also includes some screws and mounts to hang your lights wherever you would like to place them.

About SolarBright Flood Light

SolarBright Flood Light is an incredible breakthrough in the industrial revolution where everything runs on electricity but the above-mentioned LED works on the solar system along with a charged battery. It comes with 100 super-bright LEDs that are connected inside the light. It is a waterproof light that has easy sickness.

It has 3 modes that work so adequately that won’t let you feel any difficulty. It has a motion sensor that is activated from a 16 feet distance. The light is covered around 270 degrees along with a 5 years life span of the battery and LEDs inserted inside.

What are the three modes of SolarBright Flood Light?

The SolarBright Flood Light has three main modes explain below:

  • Mode 1: it enables light to shine brighter throughout the entire night. The SolarBright Light comes with small super illuminated LEDs that stay consistent through the night once the sun has enough light and fully sets on the day.
  • Mode 2: the light stays consistently din while enlightening the whole area around. Upon the detection of motion, the light will switch to 100% bright light that creates 270 degrees of brightly lit area.
  • Mode 3: look through the motion at night, it keeps the light completely off at night. But, when motion is detected it turns the brightness on. This kind of setting is usually used around the window or door that keeps you stay asleep without any disturbance.

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What is the lifespan of SolarBright Flood Light?

You would get much excited upon hearing the life span of this farfetched small light. Yes, 5 years! Even with the consistent usage of light, it has a life span of 5 years. The light is armed with a 18650 battery that keeps the charge with a hold of 5 years. It is expected that the light will have 10,000 hours life span without getting burned.

How does SolarBright Flood Light detect motion?

The light keeps a motion sensor that immediately turns it on while detecting that someone has come around. It turns the light fully on within approximately half a minute.

Is SolarBright Flood Light works as weatherproof light?

Well, as already discussed above the light is industrially made while considering the power saver technique and security purpose. In this regard, it has to be a weatherproof product that does not affect rain, storms, or even wind.

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What are the benefits of SolarBright Flood Light?

The SolarBright Flood Light has various benefits when it comes to usage.

  • One package comes with two lights inside.
  • It has a long-lasting battery to run through the whole night
  • It works on a solar power mechanism with no wiring at all.
  • It is easily sticky tape at the backside wherever you want.
  • It has 5 years life span with no power consumption at all.
  • 600 lumens are attached inside the light.
  • It is motion detectable light that even detects 16 feet from the light.
  • It keeps three main modes that are: ON, DIM, SECURITY.
  • It has longer durability along with being weatherproof.
  • It can be fully charged over the whole day through sunlight.

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Where can you purchase SolarBright Flood Light?

You may only be able to purchase the official website of the company. Also, it is not available anywhere else including at ant retail shop or Walmart. Currently, it is available at a 50% discount.

Yes, you heard it right. It is available at a 50% discount just for a day or two maybe. It will be back at full price afterward. SolarBright Flood Light is at $39.80 per pack with a discount at the moment.

So, what are you waiting for? It’s time to run and grab the SolarBright Flood Light without wasting time anymore.

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Return Policy:

Although the technology is completely amazing with greater benefits, yet if you feel unsatisfied you may claim a full refund. All you need is to email or call and you will be paid your full refund instantly.

Final Verdict:

SolarBright Flood Light is a remarkable development in the field of growing technological advancement. The package comes with two lights inside that are easy to attach with sticky tape at the back. It can be adjusted anywhere you want, whether inside or outside your home. It resolves your major electricity consumption problem due to its solar panel.

All you need is to place it under the sunlight to let the battery charged for the whole day to work the entire night without getting exhausted or burnt.

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