Gift ideas for wedding anniversaries based on the years you have been together

Did you know that each year of marriage that you have been with your partner is a different type of anniversary? The names that we know for each anniversary were placed according to the gift or detail that was used to provide. Therefore, we bring you some gift ideas for wedding anniversaries according to the occasion. If you’re not very creative, we’ll help you with truly anniversary year themes and gift ideas!

Here we present the most common types of anniversaries and some not so. Here we go!

Gifts for Paper Weddings

Paper weddings are celebrated on the first year of marriage. This stage is full of enthusiasm for all the future projects that the couple has in mind. However, it is also a fragile moment in which you begin to learn the most hidden details of both of you and then work on tolerance in the relationship. For this anniversary one of the gift ideas for wedding anniversaries is to accompany your gift with letters or cards that express all your feelings and remind you that you must take care of each other.

Leather Wedding Gifts

When they have been married for 3 years, the Leather Weddings are celebrated. This is a fun date when you can find original and creative wedding anniversary gift ideas. For example, you can think of a very stylish leather jacket or purses for the ladies. And if you dare to celebrate in a big way, take a look some leatherette scrolls that you can give as anniversary gifts to your guests. It will be a unique detail!

Creative details for Wooden Weddings

Wooden weddings are celebrated upon reaching 5 years of marriage. The wood simulates the strength that its relationship acquires over time. For this reason, for this date you can get gift ideas for wedding anniversaries that reinforce this idea, such as portraits or jewelry boxes.

Personalized gifts for Crystal Weddings

Have you been married for 15 years? The crystal wedding is a great reason to celebrate the union If you are very detailed, you can give yourselves an elegant crystal ornament, a crystal bucket with your favorite sweets or personalized glasses with names. Nothing better than your favorite wine for the corresponding toast.

What to give for porcelain anniversary?

After 20 years of a marriage, trust and comfort are established, so you may want to opt for more homemade gifts that you can use every day and remind you of the beautiful family you have formed. For example, pillows with your names are a very sweet and intimate detail. You can also choose personalized mugs with your photos to be present during the day even if you are not in the same place.

Souvenirs for Silver Wedding

This special date is usually always the reason for a great celebration, so you may be more concerned about the memories that you will give to your guests. As for personal gifts, silver accessories such as jewelry, key rings, cufflinks, among others, can be delivered, according to the personality of each one.

Personalized gifts and souvenirs for Golden Weddings

It is not necessary to explain why this celebration is an important event in the life of a couple. The experience and story of a life together for 50 years deserves to be shared in style. To do this, they can give each other an eternity golden rose, like their love, lasts and becomes more valuable with the passage of time.

Are you now ready to gift a special moments and presents to your loved one?