Top 5 standing desks for gamers

Every gamer will agree that having a great gaming setup is crucial to their game form. Gaming desks are often overlooked in favour of a comfortable chair and gaming equipment. However, we can no longer ignore the importance of a suitable gaming desk that is sturdy and spacious enough for all your gaming equipment.

Your gaming PC and gaming monitor require enough space, and you need leftover space for your mouse, keyboard, gaming pads and any other equipment you need. Therefore, buying a suitable gaming desk is imperative; it especially should have the proper ergonomics. A gaming desk requires that you have the perfect height; if it’s too high or too low, you could strain your muscles and joints, affecting your health and impeding your game.

To enjoy lots of gaming, it is worth getting a quality desk, one that considers the needs of a gamer and delivers. With extra characteristics that come in handy for you like USB ports, integrated LED light strips and cable routing.

Is a gaming desk specific to gamers?

The answer to this is no; you don’t need a specific desk; you just need a desk with the right features to make an ideal gaming desk. It is about finding features that you would appreciate as a gamer.

In photo is the Ergonomic Gaming Desk by FlexiSpot.

Should gamers use standing desks?

Standing desks are quite universal in the sense that anyone can use them. Standing desks have primarily been associated with office workers, for home offices and to some extent, as study desks for students. However, gamers can also benefit from having a standing desk.

The purpose of a standing desk is to help people live a healthier life, improve their posture and increase their productivity. We all know, gaming includes long hours, and posture is not the main concern when you’re trying to win or shoot down zombies. It’s only after getting up from gaming that you feel the full extent of your poor posture in your aching muscles. Standing desks are an opportunity for gamers to improve their health and better their game form.

Standing for a quarter of the time that you’ll spend gaming can prove quite useful for your muscles. Using a standing desk doesn’t affect your gaming as you can customize your gaming setup, and you’ll see significant improvements in how you feel after a gaming session.

In that regard, every gamer should invest in an adjustable desk that allows them to sit or stand during their gaming sessions.

Features that gamers look for in standing desks

There definitely is a criterion that goes into choosing a desk that will be right for a gamer. Some of the considerations include:

  • Cable management

As you know, there’s a lot of parts to a gaming setup and since they utilize at least two monitors, speakers, desktop and other wired equipment. This can make their desks appear very cluttered without the right cable management system. Therefore, a desk with a cable tray or a better way of keeping organized is extremely welcome.

  • Memory settings

Sit-stand desks with memory settings are a dream for gamers. They love that the memory function aids them when transitioning from sitting to standing. Memory settings mean that the gamer can find their ‘sweet spots’ on the desk and have those preset so that they constantly adjust the table to these settings. For gamers, mouse and keyboard coordination is also quite important; being able to return to that exact ideal position makes the gaming experience a dream.

  • Monitor arm compatibility

This is especially important to the gaming community. Even with the split within the community about monitor arms, they are still a core part for many, when the monitor arms are quality that won’t wobble and distract you when you’re gaming. Even for those still on the fence about monitor arms, a good gaming standing desk should have the ability to fit monitor arms.

  • Beveled desktop edge

This is common in most standing desks, but gamers especially appreciate this feature to help improve support on their forearms.

  • Stability

To a gamer, their gaming setup is very important and should be in tip-top shape at all times. A wobbly table just won’t cut it; this is why stability and durability are very important features to have in a standing desk for gamers. Every gamer wants a sturdy desk that won’t shake with every mouse or keyboard movement.

  • High lift capacity

As we know by now, a gaming setup has a lot of equipment. In addition to being spacious enough to fit all this equipment, it is also essential to gamers that the table is strong enough to hold the weight of their setup. Many budget standing desks wouldn’t cut it for gamers as they need a desk with the capacity to lift the weight of their equipment.

  • Style

While gamers will focus on function, they don’t ignore style. Their gaming setups are brilliantly put together, and the standing desk needs to fit right into that aesthetic.

Top 5 standing desks for gamers

With the features and functions that gamers look for in a standing desk in mind, here are the top five standing desks for gamers:

  1. Jarvis Bamboo 48-inch standing desk at $469

One of the most liked standing desks, the Jarvis Bamboo desk, is relatively affordable, reliable and stable. When you add its attractiveness, gamers gravitate towards this desk. It has a lift capacity of 350lbs, which is a crucial consideration for every gamer. In addition to this, the Jarvis standing desk comes in a variety of colours and different desktop shapes. It is an excellent addition to a gamer’s corner.

2. Uplift V2 4-leg standing desk

Increased stability with the four legs, the Uplift standing desk is built as a high-performance gaming standing desk. It has a lift capacity of 535pounds, very attractive to gamers already, and when you include its broad surface, it is the dream desk. The Uplift standing desk is among the few standing desks that have 4-legs. It is a height-adjustable desk that is also affordable.

3. Flexispot Electric Gaming desk at $249

Built for gaming and designed to wow gamers, the Flexispot gaming desk is a cutting edge desk that combines a standing desk with the needs of a gamer. The desk rises to 125 centimetres and all at the press of a button. The electric motor allows for quick transitions from sit to stand while maintaining its stability. The desk was designed with gamers in mind as the smooth and sleek finish fits right into a gamer’s aesthetic. It also features mouse tracking capabilities and is eco-friendly. The desk also allows for monitor arm fitting, and you can get excellent quality monitor arms from Flexispot. The electric standing desk is redefining the gaming experience.

4. Apex Desk, Elite series at $580

The ApexDesk Elite series is an excellent choice for gamers. Its lift capacity is for the light gamers as it supports 225lbs. However, it has a large surface and a sturdy build that is ideal for gamers. The elite series also features a much-needed cable pass-through that helps gamers keep their cables organized. The edge profile on this desk is designed to ensure wrist comfort, especially when you’ll be on the desk for extended periods.

5. Thermaltake Tough Desk Battle station

The ultimate battle station for gamers. This L-shaped gaming standing desk is spacious, sturdy and affordable. The Thermaltake Tough Desk has a maximum load capacity of 330 pounds and is a smooth transitioning adjustable desk. The Thermaltake Battle Station is the definition of a gaming corner; its L-shape gives gamers enough space to work with and a unique design.

More gaming standing desks

Even with the best-rated gaming standing desks listed, it is essential to note that there are many other standing desks fit for gamers. It depends on the size of your pocket and the features you’re looking for in a desk. There are other expensive desks, but we’ve covered the more affordable ones that will give you the best experience.

How long should you stand at a standing desk?

There’s no rule, written or otherwise, about how long you should stand at a standing desk. This is left to your discretion. You can choose to stand until you’re tired; when you begin to feel uncomfortable standing, then it’s time to sit or switch positions. On the other hand, being seated is what you should be conscious of the most. As a gamer, you should not sit down for all three to five hours of your gaming session; at least a quarter of that time should be spent standing.

Gamers run the risk of all the health risks that come with extended periods of inactivity and poor posture. Even as your brain is hard at work, your body remains in the same state, which is quite detrimental to your health. Standing desks have proved to be a great way to ensure that you keep your gaming activities going without putting your health at risk.

This article is written by Teddy Muyeka.

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