Breeze Maxx Reviews – [2021] Does This Portable AC Really Work Or not? Price And Details! Must Read This Before Buying!

Breeze Maxx is a small portable air cooler that keeps your room cool and clean at the same time while maintaining the temperature. It allows you to enjoy summer as you enjoy winter while having a high temperature outside your home.

It is a lightweight product that is uniquely designed as a perfect air conditioning system for your home or room. You can even save your money while having Breeze Maxx at your doorstep through an online purchase. It is exclusively designed to cool rooms or small areas wherever you are sitting.

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It is commonly known as an air conditioner whereas it can also be used as a fan and a humidifier due to its dust cleaning capacity. The system inside traps the allergens or dust particles with the help of a special filter present in it, it then adds the humidity through the water found in the container.

What is Breeze Maxx? How does it help you?

Breeze Maxx is 4 in 1 air conditioner that uses a basic system such as a water tank and water curtain. It adds moisture to the air and lowers the temperature of your room, resulting in cool air. It uses a Polar Tec coated fan system that cools the air.

Well. It is a mini AC you may call as it keeps the air cool by adding moisture. It has been seen that so many people avoid air conditioners that usually make the air dry instead of cooling. Breeze Maxx is a reliable solution for people who look for a profound and complete facility.

Breeze Maxx Review

Breeze Maxx is a breakthrough in the field of innovative technological inventions. It has four features in a single system from spreading the air throughout the room to purifying, cooling, and adding humidity to the air. You are going to get it all in one small package that is easy to use and needs no extra skills for installation. All you need is to plug in the switch and enjoy the cool air.

It is to keep in mind that it is a cooling system for a smaller area such as a room, cabins, or office. It has a distinct filter that holds the dust and allergens. It can help you purify your space from harmful substances.

You can start it once and make it running as long as you need. Even if the water container will be out of the water, Breeze Maxx will continue to cool the room as long as the curtains have moisture.

How To Use Breeze Maxx?

Breeze Maxx is an easily usable air conditioner that starts working upon the plug-in after filling the water tank.

  1. The package includes a USB charging cable that has to be plugged into the laptop or computer.
  2. Press once the switch button for the default fan startup.
  3. The fan speed can be adjusted with the gear from low to high.

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What Are The Specifications Of Breeze Maxx Air Conditioner?

The manufacturers of the Breeze Maxx have made sure about the quality of the product through its compact specifications that are enlisted below:

  • Model: WT-F10
  • Material: ABS/ SilicaGel
  • Input: 5V
  • Water Tank Capacity: 380ML
  • Motor Speed: 2200rpm, 3,100rpm, or 3,600rpm from low to high
  • Working current: 0.2A to 1.0A
  • Item Size: 6.69 × 5.98 × 6.18
  • Weight: 776g
  • Working wattage: 1W to 5W
  • Included in Box: USB charging cable, Main body, water absorption curtain, and an instructional manual.

How To Replace The Water Absorption Curtain In Breeze Maxx?

Breeze Maxx also includes a water absorption curtain in order to cool and make the air humid. It soaks water while giving the additional cooling capacity to the unit.

Below are the steps to be followed for the replacement of the curtains.

  1. Unplug the witch and open the upper cover
  2. Remove the water absorption curtain
  3. Soak and then replace it in the unit.
  4. Place the upper cover

Note: in case you are not using the Breeze Maxx conditioner for a long time, you are advised to drain water from the container and let the curtain dry. Also, you can use the same curtain for 6 to 8 months.

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What Are The Advantages Of Breeze Maxx?

  • It keeps your room cool at 10 degrees.
  • It is used for small spaces such as office, room, kitchen.
  • It can be taken along on a trip.
  • It is a portable machine that runs with a USB cable.
  • A small water tank may take hours to get finished.
  • It works on multiple functionality systems including cooling and purifying mainly.
  • It is a high-quality product that can save your energy as well as reduces the electricity bill.
  • It is a small AC for your small space to enjoy the best alone time.

Where Can You Purchase Breeze Maxx?

The Breeze Maxx is available at $90 per unit, and below are some of the packages you may like to order.

  • 1 Fan at $89.90 with a shipping fee of $9.95
  • 2 Fans at $170.98 with a shipping fee of $9.95
  • 3 Fans at $242.97 with a shipping fee of $9.95
  • 4 Fans at $305.97 with a shipping fee of $9.95
  • 5 Fans at $359.96 with a shipping fee of $9.95

It is to note that you may be able to access this amazing product only at the official website of the company.

Official Website Link:

Refund Policy:

The Breeze Maxx air conditioner full package is backed by a 30-day money-back guarantee. In case you feel unsatisfied with the quality or functionality, you can come anytime and ask for your refund.

Note: Breeze Maxx Portable AC can be purchased from its official website only. All the links given in the content are official links.

Breeze Maxx Reviews Final Verdict:

Breeze Maxx has been an incredible innovation in the modern technological world. It is a genuinely valuable product that focuses on providing the best possible solution through its 4 in 1 functionality system. Its powerful absorption curtain makes it a unique product that enables the temperature to stay low and cool the surrounding atmosphere.

It also works as an air humidifier and purifier. You may not have seen such a conditioner in this size with perfect workability.

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