4 Tips to write a great college essay

The most important thing when writing an essay is vocabulary. You can’t express what you’re feeling without a good vocabulary. There are many ways to expand your vocabulary like reading books and novels, etc.

Essay writing is not that hard when it comes to writing it. You just need to have good researching skills and obviously as we mentioned above, good vocabulary.

Essay writing is something every student should know as it comes in different stages of their life such as college admissions, college scholarships, and university admissions. An essay can help you get a 100% which can change your life.

So, when learning about essay writing in school, always give it your attention and don’t think that somebody else will write my essay for free. No, that’s not the way, you will have to and should write your essay by yourself to improve your essay writing skills.

Essay writing is usually taught in school but is very different than what you will learn in college. The format is completely different with more requirements and instructions are given on the assignment paper.

You will have to fulfil all the requirements as the teacher expects you to. And if you don’t, your teacher might just fail as you won’t be capable of their essay writing program.

Make sure to follow these tips step by step to produce a great essay;

1. Read the assignment carefully

Always read your assignment carefully and check what the requirements are. Make sure to follow them no matter what as they are your guidelines and boundaries of that essay you’re going to write.
Once you’re done with that, you can check what your topic is. Most of the time, the topic is given by the teacher but if it’s just a casual essay writing contest, you can choose something of your interest.

2. Do the essential research

After reading the assignment paper, you can start research about your given topic. You can use your school library to research as it’s the most peaceful place you can do your research at.

Make sure you at least gather 5 main ideas and 5 support examples for it as you will be writing 5 paragraphs and each paragraph should contain an idea and support example to it.

Try to gather ideas that are linked to each other so the essay looks well written.

3. Draft it

Draft the essay using the ideas you’ve gathered from your research. Plot the ideas in each paragraph and start writing.

4. Start writing

Firstly, you should write an interesting introduction about your topic so the reader knows what they are reading about.

Then start with the body of your essay. It should at least be of 4-5 paragraphs and not less than that as the normal format is of 5 paragraphs. Use the draft to write your essay as every idea is already plotted in it making it easier for you to know which idea goes with what example.

Once you’re done writing the body, you can end your essay by writing a conclusion. Briefly explain your ideas and give your own opinion on it regarding your thesis statement.

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