Renovating A Massive Bath For A Modest Budget

Undertaking a large bathroom renovation may seem like a costly, out-of-reach project; especially if the room is starting to show its age with cracks, chips and similar issues. If you start to add up in your head the long list of improvements needed, dollar signs might talk you right out of a makeover altogether. That’s why it’s essential to know smart tips and tricks for fixing up your bathroom in more creative, economical ways. Let’s brainstorm a handful of budget-friendly bathroom upgrades right now.

Beautify Your Bathroom with Plants

The more spacious the bathroom, the more fitting it is for greenery; and the more you’ll save on your bathroom upgrade. For just a few hundred dollars you can bring natural beauty into your bath through plants, flowers and decorative vases.

Empty corners and unusable space are excellent spots for tall plants in shiny metallic floor pots; giving you the perfect excuse to play with your newest obsession with trending brass.

Large windows offer an opportunity to install stylish, rustic wooden window sills for placing a variety of charming little succulents and sun-loving shelf plants.

Have leftover Russian sage branches or lilacs from this season’s pruning? Fill your favorite vase with them and bring both aroma and color to your bath.

Refinish Your Tub

If you’re staring hopelessly at your tub, tile or shower and wondering how you’ll ever find the money to rip them out, buy new and pay contractors to properly install them – think again! There is a lesser known, but terribly handy little service called tub refinishing that can make all of these fixtures look like new in the color of your choice without dropping a fortune on replacement.

Bathtub refinishing works for traditional tubs as well as ceramic and porcelain tiles and acrylic or fiberglass shower surrounds. A company comes in, resurfaces the upper layers, preps everything for adhesion and then bonds a commercial coating to the top that gives the surface a beautiful, new-looking glaze. It’s a fraction of the cost of installing new, but looks just as impressive.

Style Your Linens

If you’re bored with the drab presentation of your towels and washcloths, it might be time to spice up their presentation. Towel bars and ring sets are so 1995. Replace them with far more creative displays that modernize the overall decor of the room. A little trip to Pinterest can yield you endless ideas from towel hook layouts to DIY shelving set ups. 

Reorganizing the way you hang and store your linens may run you less than $100 in craft supplies and wood, but the end result will look like a high end project.

Hang Decorative Mirrors

Mirrors can make a large bathroom look even bigger and bring a whole new aesthetic to your room. The larger the bath, the bigger the mirrors. Don’t shy away from utilizing as much vertical space with your new mirrors as possible. Choose a style that fits with the rest of the room, whether contemporary, chic or farmhouse. Spending less than a few hundred dollars on new mirrors will make a big impact for a small budget.

Embellish With Accessories

Sometimes it’s the simple things that leave the biggest impression. From decorative trinkets to functional cotton ball jars, the bathroom accessories you choose can make a world of difference in updating your bath. Yet, most of these little items cost very little to buy new or find an antique shop; helping you keep your finances on track throughout your bathroom makeover.

Utilize a Unique Sink

Your bathroom basin can transform the appearance of the entire room, if it’s unique enough. You’re not limited to classic porcelain here; experiment with frosted glass, polished black granite, luxurious marble, mosaic copper and other less traditional materials.

Coat It With Color

You know the saying – a little bit of paint can go a long way! Even if you’re simply repainting your bathroom in timeless white, a fresh coat will freshen up the whole room. If you’re feeling a little more saucy, play with bold colors or soothing pastels to create the atmosphere you most desire. Need a bright wake-up call in the morning? Go for sunny yellows or a single cobalt blue accent wall. Want a relaxing ambiance when you enter your bathroom? Choose soft pinks, baby blues and muted greens.

Painting even a larger bathroom shouldn’t drive the expenses up too much. For typically less than a few hundred dollars, you can paint several coats on the walls, ceiling and trim. 

Now that you have a few fund-friendly ideas to get rolling with, the wheels are probably starting to turn about other creative ways you can upgrade your big bathroom without going overboard on the spending. Choose one or two to get started with and see just how much change you can create in our bathroom for a modest investment.

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