5 Steps On How To Manifest Money Fast

We all have dreams and goals for money. But many of us believe that achieving those dreams depends largely on luck. “My ship will come in”, we sigh wistfully, not truly believing it, while slogging away at a low paying job, or looking for work, or scraping to pay the bills. Money anxiety plagues so many of us. If only there was a way to bring our financial dreams to reality.

Well, there is! We can actually make it happen through the law of attraction, and manifestation. The law of attraction can be used to attract anything we desire, even money. Our energy, our thoughts, our feelings, and our actions create our reality. Even our financial reality.

Need money fast? We can manifest money into our lives. And if we follow these 5 steps and guidelines we can learn how to manifest money fast! Here are also 16 manifesting money techniques that will help you further.

Step 1. Envision It Clearly

First we make a goal, and visualize it. Literally. Draw a picture, write it in a journal, make a vision board. We can, and should be specific. Name the reasons for wanting money, and how your life will be better for it. Don’t just visualize the money, we have to define what we want it for. Usually when we want money, it is for something, like:

  • The peace of mind of debts paid, or
  • A comfortable home, or
  • Savings for education, or
  • A reliable car.

How do we envision what the money is for? By being specific. What is it we want the money for? Let’s take the example of a comfortable home. If we want that home, we shouldn’t envision the actual money to buy the house. We need to focus on the house itself. What color will it be? Picture the furniture, the rooms, the sunlight streaming through a window. What will our garden contain? What kind of curtains will be on that window? We could cut out pictures from magazines of homes that appeal to us.

Is it money to pursue education we want? We should close our eyes and imagine how we will look in a cap and gown on graduation day, our proud family and friends beaming. Picture how it will feel walking into a classroom, excited to learn. Visualize the clothes we will wear on the first day of classes. Imagine the job opportunities the education will bring.

Is it the peace of mind of being debt-free we desire? Draw a picture of peacefully sitting in a chair reading a bank statement with its positive balance and all the bills paid, the burden of debt gone from our shoulders. Feel the pride.

Is it a new reliable car we dream of? We can list the features, pour over dealer brochures, visualize the colors it could be. Imagine that new car smell, and an odometer that reads 0 as we drive it off the lot.

We have to keep the vision going, and be willing to let new ideas in. Maybe that house is starting to look more like a modern apartment, the more we picture it. Does the vison of crossing the stage to pick up a diploma now clearly say “Nursing School” on the paper? Money manifestation works best, and quickest, when we are open to changes in our visions and goals.

Step 2. Ask TheUniverse

We need to show the universe what we want, and ask for it. Often, at least several times a day, we should make a point of this. There are many ways to do it. We can talk out loud to the universe. We can pray, or meditate. We can write it down on paper, over and over. Be as specific with asking as we were with our visions. We need to tell the universe what colors our house will be. Take that drawing of the positive bank statement and hold it up to the sky or pin it to the wall. Tell the universe what size engine will be in the car. Consistence is key. Ask often, and ask specifically and coherently.

It helps to show gratitude when asking. Keeping a gratitude list and adding to it daily is a great way to stay in the right frame of mind for asking. Imagine the joy we will feel when the dream is fulfilled. Let the joy fill us up.

Step 3. Believe

For money manifestation to work, and work fast, we have to believe and trust in the process. There will be days when this harder, and we get stuck in discouragement. This is when we have to remind ourselves that every day we are getting closer to our goals. Refocus, and look for signs that the universe is indeed working with us to achieve our dreams. Maybe a college pamphlet arrives in the mail, or a neighbor gives us a chair we know will go perfectly in a little reading corner of the home we envision. It could be an inspirational quote we read when randomly checking our social media feeds. Recognize and accept these gifts.. Thank the universe for this sign it is working with us.

Clearing our minds of negativity and staying positive is vital. This can be difficult, because money, and the need for it, can make us stressed and anxious. So we need to be kind to ourselves, and keep that anxiety and stress at bay. For many of us, that may mean:

  • Going for walks in nature
  • Doing yoga
  • Cooking a favorite healthy meal
  • Reading inspirational books
  • Playing music or dancing
  • Practicing affirmations.

We also need to surround ourselves with positive people who do not hold us back. When we share our dreams with the people who believe in us, manifesting money works faster. That means believing in ourselves too. If we say” I am worthy of what I am asking for”, it will happen faster than if we feel we do not deserve it. Feelings of unworthiness will inhibit or even block our progress. We say instead, “I do deserve this”! It will happen!

Step 4. Take Positive Action

Our work doesn’t end once we have asked the universe for help with our money goals. We have to take positive action that aligns with our goals. This is exciting if we think of it as working with the universe to manifest money faster.

What does taking positive action mean? This may require some creative thinking and research. For example, if it is a comfortable home we want, positive action could mean studying the local market to find out what is available and at what price, so we are ready when the opportunity comes. Or it could mean sewing pretty curtains or building a bookshelf to put in that future home.

If money for education is our goal, maybe we can take a free on-line course to start upgrading skills. We could go for a walk on the college campus and learn our way around. Or volunteer at a hospital in preparation to apply to nursing school. We could dust off a resume and send it out. If paying off debt is the goal, maybe we could think of one way to save a little money, no matter how small, and start putting that aside in a savings account. We can forgo a large caramel latte, or walk and save the bus fare once a week.

Maybe we have items we no longer need that we could sell. We could talk to someone who has achieved the same goal we want, and find out what steps they took to help get there. It may seem insignificant, but as long as it is a positive step in the direction of our goals, it speeds up the manifestation. The more positive, goal oriented action we take, the faster the universe will help us reach our dreams.

Step 5. Keep Up TheEnergy

The energy we put out to the universe is what we attract back. If our thoughts and feelings consist of positive energy, we will attract more positive energy back, and we will reach our goals faster. Believe that is our energy that is creating our reality, and that will help us to resist negative energy. Some practitioners of manifestation call this raising or keeping up vibrations.

This is not as difficult as it may sound. Helping others, being kind, doing activities that make you and others happy, and volunteering are all examples of putting out positive energy to the universe. Approach each day with joy.

Aligning our positive energy with our financial goals will help them manifest even faster. For example, plan the happiness it will give to offer safe comfortable rides to friends and family when we get the new car. If it’s a home we dream of, help a relative with some home repairs while waiting for ours. Is it a car we wish to buy? Open a car door for an elderly person. Practice empathy. Give love freely.

If we follow these 5 steps, we can help manifest the money we desire, FAST!

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