Products of all popular brands such as Alix The Label are available in one place

The new version of Otrium, the world’s most popular and largest online marketplace, has added several interesting features to their online presence, including a completely new Otrium official store. Otrium’s official store is decorated with a combination of popular local and foreign brands, keeping in mind the best shopping experience of shoppers. These official stores in Otrium are 100% verified and approved. As always, Otrium Online Shop will provide the highest quality service, but this special feature will officially guarantee the customer 100% genuine branded products. There is also a special facility to enjoy shopping vouchers, bundles, updates, and various offers by following the brand’s official store of your choice. And with that comes the official store badge, which will indicate your desired brand and the buyers will get 100% pure and original products from this official store in Otrium.

There are currently many brands under Otrium official store, the best of which are- Alix The Label, King Louie, Asics.

King Louie-

King Louie is one of the fashion brands in the world. It is popular for trending fashion. They have the talent to innovate while retaining the vintage trend, a paradox from which they derive their success. At different times, people around the world have been fascinated by different interesting designs. While otrium has been providing King Louie clothing for several seasons, discovering new collections has always been a joy. King Louie, the brand, has changed hands after 36 years of being known for colorful and vintage-inspired fashion items. King Louie outlet has the best of your choice.

Reasons for success:

Today King Louie is one of the most famous retro brands in Europe, and it is no coincidence:

   – The value of the fabric is here,

   – Whether it’s patterned, floral, or graphic, there’s something else that makes them so special, so beautiful, so inevitable.

   – The cuts are perfect, and any King Louie dress have regardless of body type.

Among the brand requirements, you can find:

  • Openwork cardigan; When you have one of the colors, you need other colors
  • With the trapezoidal shape of the border skirt and the elastic waist, it always falls well;
  • The Amy dress, chic and elegant, with its fitted waist and its V-neck stretched by small buttons, you can easily wear it for formality.

Alix The Label-

Alex the Label is one of the largest clothing and fashion brands in the world. It has been able to grab everyone’s attention in a very short time. It is a multinational clothing brand known as the women’s clothing brand around the world. The brand is one step ahead of the competition in combining the needs of its caring customers. It is one of the best fashion brands in the world. If you prefer fashionable shopping, you can do so through Alix The Label Outlet. Their products are of high quality. The best fabric in terms of modernity and quality they are always the best.


Asics is a Japanese manufacturer of sports shoes and clothing and is one of the world’s five largest producers of sports goods and accessories. Fortunately, with my neutral gait, 75 kg, and tall stature, I was able to test many models from Asics. In my opinion, the Kayano and the Cumulus are the shoes that are both affordable and very often well-reviewed. The Japanese ASICS is known for making running shoes with a particularly good fit and comfort. Now, the good news is you will get a discount on the Asics sale. You can buy your favorite shoes at a lower price. 

Asics running shoes

Whether you’re running the 2K for fun, challenging yourself on the 15K, or training for a half marathon, a good pair of running shoes is a must in all cases! Now the fit and experience with a shoe always come with personal preference, and you only really know whether it is right for you after a month of testing, of course.


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