The medical benefits are almost the same whether you use marijuana or CBD

After being considered an illegal substance for many years, things are now changing for marijuana as its medicinal use is gaining popularity over its recreational use. Doctors are ready to weigh the risks and health benefits of using marijuana for treating various medical conditions. Now they find that it is worth exploiting the health benefits of marijuana by overruling the effects of THC, the psychotropic agent in cannabis that causes high.  

DigiDrs suggests that those in need of medical marijuana can obtain medical marijuana cards online to ease the procurement process legally. As more and more states are legalizing marijuana, the scope of its medical use is fast expanding.  Despite marijuana being illegal in the eye of the federal laws, the support of the state laws should ease access to the talked herb that had gained notoriety for its mind-altering properties.

Marijuana or CBD – the choice is yours.

The cannabis plant is the source of marijuana that contains THC, which has mind-altering properties and causes high.  The legality of marijuana is based on its THC content because the higher is the THC, the more is high. Therefore, marijuana that has THC content above the permissible limit is illegal. However, those using it for recreation purposes are ready to take the risk of using it because they are ready to go to any extent to enjoy the herb that takes them to a fantasy world for some time and makes them feel extremely happy. 

The same marijuana with high THC can serve many medical benefits, especially in managing pain, and doctors can prescribe it for patients who do not respond to traditional medicines. If you have a medical prescription, you can buy marijuana without any concern about its legality.

To avoid all controversies, you can opt for another variety of marijuana known as Cannabidiol or CBD obtained from the hemp plant, which has low or minimal THC and legal because it does not have any intoxicating properties. 

The medical benefits of CBD

CBD has almost similar medical benefits to marijuana, and your doctor can suggest which would be good for you. CBD can relieve pain and stress by reducing anxiety which is effective for the treatment of insomnia and other sleeping disorders. The effectiveness of CBD in pain management helps to treat some life-threatening conditions arising from some rare form of epilepsy.  Post surgical pain management and chronic pain management are easier and effective by using both marijuana and CBD, which can benefit millions of Americans who suffer from chronic pain.

Talk to your doctor

Since marijuana has some stigma attached to it, you might be hesitant to talk to your doctor about your intention to try out its medical benefit. However, the medical community that was dismissive about the issue is now turning the tables and more open to prescribing to patients who express their intent of trying it out. 

Tell your doctor how much inclined you are to explore the medical benefits of marijuana so that you can convince him or her to prescribe it for you. 


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