Why is Vaping better than Smoking

“From Monday on I will…” When you start a sentence like this, it is highly probable that: either you want to go on a diet or you want to quit smoking. If looking back your Monday’s resolutions remained mostly an empty promise, do not worry: you are not alone. 

In the meantime, e-cigarettes are becoming a new trend in many European countries. Being possible to buy them along with e liquid easily in many physical and online shops and many people are asking themselves which are the differences between electronic and the traditional cigarettes, and if vaping could be a first step to quit this habit. 

In this article you will find some answers. 

New trend, new verb 

Before entering the world of e-cigs, a specification is required: e-cigarettes cannot be smoked, but they are vaped. The difference between vaping and smoking is not just about fancy terminology. They work basing on two different principles and they have different effects on the human body. 

By classical smoking, after lightening up the cigarette we see a small spark burning the tobacco as we inhale it. Unfortunately, through this process we also inhale a series of other chemicals, and also the burned paper. These substances are particularly bad for our health and they are directly responsible for most of the risks connected with smoking. 

Vaping works with a different mechanism. The e-liquid does not burn, it is simply warmed up inside the electronic cigarette. That is why, technically, it is not entirely correct to talk about “smoke” in this context, since the device does not produce smoke, but vapour. And that is also where the verb “to vape” comes from. 

What are the components inside a traditional cigarette 

Nowadays, we are pretty aware that smoking is not a healthy habit. The first thing, that comes to mind in relation to this topic is certainly nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive substance, meaning that the substance itself provokes the physical inability to cease the intake without a great effort. So, next time you find it hard to quit smoking, you have found the guilty one. 

But cigarettes related health problems are not only to blame on nicotine. In fact, there is a long list of substances that get into cigarettes in different steps of the production process, that can be harmful for our body. Some of the most harmful chemicals are ammonia, which is used to boost the nicotine absorption and arsenic, that is used as a pesticide to protect the tobacco plants from diseases, but can also cause poisoning.

It has been estimated that, there are over than 200 different chemicals in cigarettes, and some of them can even surprise you, for example acetone, which is the same substance which is contained in nail polish removers. You can even find tiny parts of nickel and some other metals in it. 

Of course, nicotine and some chemicals can be found also in e-liquids, but while the list in cigarettes seems to be endless, making it impossible to know exactly what is inside, the chemical components of e-liquid are a manageable amount easy to track back. 

As a result, vaping is overall less unhealthy than smoking. 

Vaping less unhealthy than smoking 

To be completely transparent, it is fair to underline that vaping in general is not a healthy habit. But it is also fair to say, that e cigarettes contain less chemicals and do not burn them as the normal ones, making vaping less unhealthy than smoking. This has been confirmed also by some renowned scientific websites like John Hopkins medicine. 

Some users found e-cigarettes a helpful preliminary step to quit smoking. In fact, being possible to set up the nicotine amount to release, you can reduce the amount gradually in order to say a less traumatic goodbye. Especially, if you have a long record of failed Monday’s resolutions, it might be worth trying. The worst that can happen is that you keep having the habit, but at least in a less harmful variant. 

What do I need to vape 

If you are now curious and you want to try it, all you have to do is to go to a specialised shop and buy all the products you need. Alternatively, you can find the same products and quality in online shops, (like Terpy, for example) with the additional benefit to receive your order directly at your place. 

You will need to buy the vaping device. This device has an integrated battery, so it is rechargeable and can come in different sizes and designs. This device has a mouthpiece also called atomizer, which is nothing more than a small heating element that vaporizes e-liquids. The last important part of the device is the cartridge for the liquid. 

Liquids can have different flavours and different amounts of nicotine, so you can choose the one that better suits your taste and your new Monday resolution.

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