How Do Divorce Lawyers & Custody Attorneys in Las Vegas Work For You?

Legal advice on divorce and custody laws is a central field of work at Right Lawyers, located in Las Vegas. It is particularly important to us to support our clients in this process. Our specialist lawyers for family law guide and support you through the (legal) challenges associated with personal changes.

Avoid lengthy divorce processes

Lengthy family court disputes are avoided as far as possible, as long-term lawsuits are not only cost-intensive, but also psychologically stressful for our clients. We focus on taking the situation into our own hands with you instead of giving it away, such as uncontested divorce Las Vegas. Every single specialist lawyer for family law in our law firm has many years of experience and is supported, if necessary, by our entire team – which also includes former family judges.

Competent specialist lawyers for family law will advise you in the event of a separation

Before initiating a divorce, we advise you on the prerequisites and consequences thereof. We enable you to judge from a legal point of view whether and, if so, when a divorce petition should be filed. As specialist lawyers for family law, we of course deal with your entire family law situation. Our clients receive an overview of the important questions of maintenance, matrimonial property law (gain compensation), custody, pension compensation and other issues. Tax issues can also be clarified through our law firm’s legal network.

Legal representation before the family court by experienced lawyers specializing in family law

The family court decision often creates very far-reaching changes to the factual and legal circumstances. Our divorce lawyers represent you in legal divorce proceedings and work with you to clarify how the consequences of separation and divorce are to be regulated. In doing so, we strive for the most amicable and comprehensive regulations possible. If this is not successful, we will effectively pursue your interests in court. Every specialist lawyer for family law at Schneider Stein & Partner is an accomplished and experienced representative of your interests in court. We appear for you in family courts and higher regional courts throughout the US.

Why do we offer advice at all stages of a relationship?

Even before entering into a marriage, you should seek advice in order to recognize the far-reaching legal effects associated with the marriage. This is the only way to clarify whether legal consequences of a marriage that deviate from the law should be regulated by a marriage contract.

Often times, when two people break up a marriage, there are a variety of tasks to deal with. Often there are misconceptions, especially during the separation period mistakes are made that are difficult to correct. It is therefore advantageous to seek advice at an early stage from a lawyer specializing in divorce law, or better yet, from a lawyer specializing in family law. If possible, such counseling should be given even before the separation. The important periods in which the course can still be set lie well before the court decision (earlier judgment) that dissolves the marriage, the so-called divorce.

Basically, the legislature distinguishes three periods of time in marriage law.

First of all, there is an intact marital partnership. This is followed by the period of separation and finally the phase after the divorce. Each of these periods is regulated by law, each has different legal claims and the consequences of divorce.

The calculation of claims – especially maintenance claims – and the judicial enforcement also depend on the specified periods of time being carefully checked legally. This can be a difficult task for experienced lawyers specializing in family law.

From a legislative perspective, the time of the divorce marks the beginning of the last phase. It can then be too late for a design. You should therefore speak to a competent specialist lawyer for family law at an early stage.

Alternative Paths To Divorce?

The main legal divorce case is the dissolution of the marriage through death. There is also divorce and the special case of annulment.

Legislative ideas to establish an out-of-court divorce of childless marriages at the notary or registry office have so far always been rejected.

The possibility of an online divorce does not exist in the family courts. Because of the great consequences of a divorce (also in social security, tax and inheritance law), you should give preference to careful, personal advice and, if necessary, representation of your legal interests. Issues often seem simple because problems are overlooked – clarifying them later is time-consuming and expensive.

Divorce by mutual consent

If there are no legal conflicts between the spouses, the divorce can be carried out amicably in such a way that only one of the spouses is represented by a lawyer and applies for divorce through his / her lawyer. The other spouse then agrees to the application made in this way. The costs can be shared internally between the spouses by agreement. Overall, the costs are lower than if you were represented by two lawyers.

Of course, we are also available for legal representation in order to carry out an amicable divorce. Since problems often arise in the context of a consensual divorce with the implementation of the pension equalization, our specialist lawyers for family law are also available to you as advisors in the case of an amicable divorce.

The most important aspects for a stable partnership

Unfortunately, there is no secret recipe that all you need to stick to in order to have a stable and functioning relationship. If it were that simple, every partnership would be made for life, lovesickness would be a thing of the past, and divorce lawyers would be redundant and unemployed.

However, some factors can be identified that are particularly important for a partnership to make both parties happy and, on top of that, to have a positive effect on their careers:

In a partnership you can also get an honest and equally critical second point of view. Tell your partner about an idea, ask for an assessment from a different perspective. This can broaden your own perspective and help you make better decisions or avoid mistakes.

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