Remote Education — How to Prepare the Workplace?

The current global situation brought about many changes in our lives. Remote education is one of the most important aspects which we need to get adapted to. This situation is difficult not only for parents and teachers, but primarily for students. See our tips on how to prepare for the online education well.

Remote learning in the current situation is not only the safest, but also the most popular learning method which enables to comply with the basic safety rules during the pandemic. Students (just like teachers) remain at home instead of going to school, they are separated from one another on a permanent basis which reduces the risk of the coronavirus spread. At present, the lessons take place in two forms, i.e. written or video, by means of dedicated platforms.

However, remote education is not just ensuring safety, but also a major change in the life of most parents and students. Such a work mode requires greater involvement of the guardians and more self-reliance and better work organization of the children. Below, please see some tips on how to prepare the workplace for a student having online lessons.

How to prepare?

  • Comfortable place — the student’s workplace is usually the desk and the computer placed on it. As the child will spend several hours a day learning, it is worth ensuring they are comfortable. A desk of an appropriate height and a comfortable chair are what matters most.
  • Clean surroundings — it is difficult to focus attention in messy surroundings, in particular in such a specific situation as a class video call. This is why the learning place should be neat and tidy, and the room well aired.
  • No distractors — when you see in front of your computer, it is more difficult to stay focused for a long time during lessons. It is easy to get distracted by different stimuli, including a TV, tablet or phone. Gadgets, including but not limited to the electronic ones, divert attention from learning, making it less effective.
  • Technical conditions — online lessons mean also certain requirements concerning hardware or Internet connection. For learning to be effective, we cannot allow the connection to be disturbed or interrupted for technical reasons.
  • Virtual space preparation — there are many tools to facilitate remote work. Dedicated programmes for online group meetings, but also the appropriate management of space on the computer drive will make it easier for students to learn and will enable them to organize their learning better.
  • Tools for communicating with the school — those are dedicated, extended online messengers which facilitate cooperation between students and parents and the school. Such solutions as e-registers or virtual noticeboards are a great way to stay in regular touch with teachers.

Learning at home and safety “in school”

An important, though still unclear, issue is the “school insurance” for the child during the remote education. It has long been mistakenly deemed to mean the coverage in force solely in school or on the way to or from it. However, the scope of the school insurance policy is much broader.

The major component of student’s insurance, i.e. the accident insurance, protects the children and adolescents covered by it also in their free time outside school.

This means that the students are covered by the same protection when learning remotely at home as they have when they are present in school. The insurance mode does not change. If there are any accidents taking place during remote education, every case will be investigated separately based on the general terms and conditions specified by the insurer in the General Terms and Conditions of Insurance.


However, what does the term “accident” really mean? According to most insurers, this is an unintentional, accidental fortuitous event resulting in the detriment to the insured person’s health, i.e. the student in this case. The coverage is broad and we will get help both for minor injuries and for significant injuries requiring longer treatment.

Extra help

An interesting option is also the extra Assistance package matching the needs of children learning remotely. Some insurance companies offer private lessons to support.

As the remote learning introduction has not affected the insurance companies’ liability connected with accident insurance, the students are eligible to receive the basic benefit regardless of whether the accident takes place in school or outside it (unless the General Terms and Conditions of a given insurance company have stipulated otherwise).

Comprehensive and effective assistance

The student’s life insurance remains valid all year round, also during winter or summer holidays. What is more, its coverage usually applies all around the world. This guarantees insurance not only during the lessons, but also in free time, meaning in the playground, during any extra-curricular activities or sport. Moreover, you can easily buy a life insurance policy online, without leaving your home. This is a significant improvement and its additional advantage is the ability to check the policy status and to submit a compensation application in the same way.

How to buy an insurance policy?

This is why it is also worth insuring the child against an accident or another unforeseen event. The simplest way to do it is to choose a life insurance policy online as this option will enable to find a policy meeting our needs in a simple and fast way. This enables also to compare several offers and to select the best one. Additionally, selecting the insurance online, we will not have to leave our home, reducing the risk connected with the dynamic pandemic-related situation.


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