Rashed Ali Almansoori: The man and the mind behind the growth of the IT space of UAE

He is a digital creator who has proved to people that youngsters are driving major industries of the world.Amongst the many industries of the world that has been on the rise, the tech world is something that has been growing exponentially and it is a sight to behold also because it has been run majorly by the younger brigade. Talking about the UAE, one knows how the region has offered an endless number of opportunities for people in the tech world, all thanks to the spectacular advancements the industry has made. Youngsters are hands down the future of the modern-day business world and the kind of revolutionary changes they have brought in with their genuine efforts is something that has impressed the world and given them world recognition. Rashed Ali Almansoori’s name tops the list of this younger brigade who has shown his true passion and commitment in taking UAE to the next level in the tech niche.

“For me to make a profound impact on people’s lives and do it with my innovations in tech was something I always wanted to do. Hence, I created Utag, which has been developed as a one of a kind smart tech piece created in times of Covid, with the aim to help as many people as possible for effective communication remotely,” says the 30-year-old digital creator and social media expert who specializes in creating lenses for Instagram and Snapchat.

Amongst all the nations of the world, UAE’s tech developments and advancements have made headlines lately and youngsters like Rashed Ali Almansoori are to be thanked for taking the region to staggering levels of success by keeping people’s betterment at the centre and creating things that can make a difference in their lives. Being in the tech and cybersecurity world was something Rashed Ali Almansoori always desired and today, his success can be attributed to the constant innovations he has done so far in his career.

Apart from being a writer at the Al-Bayan newspaper, Rashed Ali Almansoori is also a tech blogger, web developer and designer. In a very short period, his content has clicked really well with the audiences and today, people trust him for his thoughts, opinions and ideas on tech. There is a reason why Rashed Ali Almansoori has attained unbelievable success in the competitive tech industry and we can’t wait to welcome more unique tech content and innovations from this youngster.

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Usman Sabir