What is an Organic Mattress?

You’ve obviously heard about organic vegetables and milk, so what exactly is an organic mattress? Was it really safer for you? To put it simply, absolutely. Organic vegetables are more nutritious and they are free of chemical pesticide residues. Organic milk is better for you because it comes from animals who aren’t fed synthetic chemical hormones. Similarly, organic mattresses do not produce any of the toxins that traditional mattresses do.

But that’s just the start. Organic mattress UK are crafted from organic and non-toxic fabrics rather than synthetic and inherently dangerous chemicals. Customers are going for vegan mattresses to prevent excessive exposure to these contaminants. If you’re in the market for a new mattress, it’s essential to understand what you’ll be wasting a third of your life on.

Organic Ingredients

We utilize recycled cotton in all of its items, from the luxury garments to the soft fill. Natural wool is also used for its outstanding natural bounce and comfortable moisture wicking abilities. Organic latex relieves pressure points and has a sleek, luxurious texture. 

Finally, organic cotton encased coils provide a one-of-a-kind support device (available in the Halcyon series). These sought-after products collaborate to produce a symphony of warmth, providing an outstanding option to conventional fabrics and foams.

Why Mostly People Considering Organic Mattresses?

More people are considering organic mattresses as they aspire to adopt better, more environmentally conscious lives. But you might be questioning if the added expense of an organic mattress is always worth it. In this blog article, we will address the top ten causes to sleep organically (and how Happy is helping to make it more affordable).

No Scary Chemical

Have you ever opened a fresh mattress and found a weird, synthetic foul smell? The smell could be induced by the off gassing of volatile organic compounds (VOCs), which are typical in non-organic mattresses. These chemicals aid mattress manufacturers in keeping costs down, however they may be ingested into the body as you sleep. You should think about investing a bit extra for a healthier, cleaner mattress.

Naturally Flame Resistant

Many conventional mattresses are constructed of highly flammable foams, and to pass the industry’s required fire protection checks, they are handled with chemical flame retardants. This is less costly than utilizing inherently flame-resistant fabrics, but wouldn’t you want a mattress that was never flammable in the first place?

Breathable Fabrics

If you wear a cotton t-shirt, you are cooler than when you wear synthetic fabrics, and the same idea extends to your mattress. Almost every mattress brand claims to have sleep-cooling properties, but in practice, no matter how advanced the innovation, engineered materials can never be as breathable as their normal, organic equivalents.

Durable Material 

Although memory foam mattresses tend to degrade and fall almost immediately, organic wool, organic cotton, and organic latex mattresses have been shown to maintain their shape for years and years. So, although organic mattresses can be marginally more costly, they are made to last.

Better for You

Traditional mattresses include adhesives and flame retardants, which can pollute our bedrooms and the atmosphere. Organic mattresses are produced from sustainable, biodegradable fabrics that are not contaminated with chemicals, bleaches, or dyes. You will help to reduce the carbon footprint and encourage a healthier world by buying an organic mattress UK.

Perfect for Sleeper with Allergies

Traditional mattresses are susceptible to dust mites, mould, and other allergens, while organic mattresses use antimicrobial fabrics that can help deter these unwelcome pests. However, since organic mattresses include cotton, fur, and latex, you can check with a health provider before shopping if you are allergic to one or more of these ingredients.

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